Unit VII Final Project

You will abide your advance activity in Unit VII. Your activity should outline and alarmingly appraise a aggregate account amid a bounded or accompaniment government and a not-for-profit organization. Your activity should be amid 8 and 10 pages, not including the active arch appellation page, and advertence page.    Final Activity Format:   Title folio   Executive Summary   Introduction   o Provide an account of your project. What does the clairvoyant accept in abundance for them?  Agreeable o Introduce the aggregate service, as able-bodied as the nonprofit alignment and bounded government. a. Define the nonprofit organizations roles and responsibilities in affiliation to the bounded government environment. o Communications action a. Design an able communications action that conveys the nonprofit mission to specific centralized and alien audiences.  o Discuss bounded government (municipal, county, city) relationships that are complementary, added or adversarial to the nonprofits objectives and purpose. a. How would you administer these issues? How would you advance acceptable relationships? o Discuss means to finer use technology systems, e-learning, e-training, to strengthen relationships with your called bounded or accompaniment government. o Identify the challenges of advocating for grants-in-aid, fee-for-service and accommodation account models, and the aftereffect on accord architecture with the bounded or accompaniment government. a. How would you administer these challenges? o Examine the banking tax policies, social, bread-and-butter regulation, and political constraints affecting the nonprofit and adduce a action for acknowledged accomplishing of the account mission.  o Identify the issues of contracting, and accommodating with the bounded or accompaniment government and how you would boldness the issues.  Reflection o Reflect on the activity and what you accept learned. How can you administer what you accept abstruse to your career? What will you booty abroad from this advance project?   Advertence folio that follows APA format.    An added basic of the advance activity is the PowerPoint Presentation. Develop and align a best ten (10) accelerate PowerPoint presentation beneath a abstracted awning that highlights the project.    Include amid 5 or 6 abbreviated bullets for anniversary accelerate - about 24-point font.  Appellation slide: agreeable includes appellation of assignment, apprentice name, advance appellation and date.   When creating the presentation, ability it in a “business professional” address with adapted argument proportions, constant and able font, and adapted images to admonition your information. While some appearance of PowerPoint may be “cool” or bigger at communicable attention, it may not be acceptable for presenting able advice and active home your point.  Your presentation should be accounting in APA appearance autograph with adapted citations. Include a references accelerate at the end of your presentation for your resources.  The appellation folio and advertence folio are not included in the absolute accelerate count. 

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