unit vi sa

 As the arch of University Burghal Blaze Rescue, your bureau has broadcast to area amount of ascendancy is no best met for you as the blaze chief. Your ambition is to present a new agent arch position as allotment of the account alertness process. For this position, you will charge to analysis the job description for the agent arch position from Unit IV that identifies the abilities and training needed. The advice provided in the University Burghal Blaze Rescue packet is geared to advice you assemble the account items for this new position. Your account architecture and blueprint should be in a line-item concept. Click actuality for an archetype of a line-item account that has been created to advice as a adviser to amalgam your own for the University Burghal Blaze Rescue Department. In accession to your line-item budget, you will charge to analyze how budgets affect the bounded government and taxpayers, forth with how they reflect the goals of the association (This account is usually advised a account absolution by burghal managers and administrators.) Your account and account (justification) of the account to the association should anniversary be at atomic one folio in length, for a absolute of at atomic two pages for this assignment. To abide the assignment: You may use Microsoft Word and/or Excel to actualize the budget. If you accept to use Excel for account and Word for the explanation, you charge upload both files at the aforementioned time in Blackboard. In accomplishing so, you will be uploading two files for this assignment. Be abiding both files are uploaded afore you advance submit. OR You may use Microsoft Word to actualize both the account and explanation. Ensure that anniversary are on abstracted pages aural the aforementioned Word document. If you charge assistance, your adviser is accessible to assi 

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