Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation

   Imagine you are the arch advice administrator (CIO) for your bounded healthcare organization. Your lath of admiral is actual absorbed about the activities you administer on a circadian basis. They beatific a account of questions they would like you to present on during the accessible lath affair appointed for Tuesday evening.  Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation that covers the afterward components: · Accelerate 1.title slide · Accelerate 2.compare and adverse the capricious filing systems (one-two slides) · Accelerate 3.identify and call three types of computer accumulator systems (one slide) · Accelerate 4.explain back it is adequate to abort a medical almanac (one slide) · Accelerate 5.explain back it is not adequate to abort a medical almanac (one slide) · Accelerate 6.explain why a medical almanac charge be retained for your healthcare alignment (one slide) · Accelerate 7.describe adversity planning and two altered contest your administration should plan for (one-two slides) · Accelerate 8.develop a cessation slide, and · Accelerate 9.include a advertence accelerate with at atomic one alfresco source, not counting the textbook, in APA format Course Book: Davis, N., & LaCour, M. (2014). Health advice technology (3rd ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders. Wikipedia is NOT ACCEPTABLE NO Course Hero/etc NO plagiarism Original Work

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