Unit Questions – Northern European Renaissance

 Choose three of the afterward questions and address a 150-350 chat acknowledgment to anniversary catechism (points deducted for not affair chat calculation requirements).  Include the catechism at the top of your response. Put all responses into one certificate – in alternative words don’t abide the appointment assorted times, already for anniversary response.  Remember – you MUST put advice in your own words (this includes advice from your argument book and online sources) or it is advised appropriation and you will accept a account of 1 on the assignment.    SELECT THREE below 1. What affect did Protestantism accept on the Art AND Music of arctic Europe? Give at atomic one specific archetype for BOTH art and music. 2. Look on the internet and acquisition some words and phrases that Shakespeare added to the English language.  What are some of these words and phrases? Why would these "made-up" words and phrases from over 500 years ago be in our accustomed accent today?  3. Name at atomic 3 examples of the acute accuracy presented in van Eyck's Arnolfini portrait?  Name at atomic 3 examples of apologue in the picture. 4. What are some of the assorted capacity and enigmas begin in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights? Name at atomic 3 examples of apologue acclimated by Bosch. What do you anticipate of Bosch's work? 5. Name at atomic 3 different appearance of Durer's style?  What did he apprentice from Italian art? 6. What aftereffect did the columnist press accept on Renaissance culture?

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