Unit Questions – Modernism

Choose four of the afterward questions and address a 150-350 chat acknowledgment to anniversary catechism (points deducted for not affair chat calculation requirements).  Include the catechism at the top of your response. Put all responses into one certificate – in alternative words don’t abide the appointment assorted times, already for anniversary response.  Remember – you MUST put advice in your own words (this includes advice from your argument book and online sources) or it is advised appropriation and you will accept a account of 1 on the assignment.   SELECT FOUR below 1. It is generally said that tradition, like history, is always actuality recreated and remodeled.  To what admeasurement did writers, painters, and composers of the aboriginal twentieth aeon advisedly breach with tradition? How did they achieve that goal? 2. Do you accede that aesthetic announcement at the alpha of the twentieth aeon represents the "dehumanization of art"?  Why or why not? 3. In what means does Picasso's Guernica aggregate a accepted allegation of war back the painting itself includes no altar that are anon associated with avant-garde warfare? 4. Do you accede or disagree that Freud's psychoanalytic theories afflicted ART of the aboriginal 20th century?  Provide an assay that includes at atomic 2 specific examples. 5. Ezra Pound said abstract should be "new". What did he mean? Provide at atomic 1 example.  What afflicted his work? 6. How is 20th aeon music altered from 19th aeon music?  What are some characteristics of 20th aeon music?  Provide at atomic 2 specific examples. 7. What are some aesthetic innovations of Picasso? Why are these important?  Provide at atomic 2 specific examples. 8. Marcel Duchamp said an artisan should be a boner of tradition.  What did he mean?  What is one of his works that displays this idea? 9. On the internet, acquisition a account of Duchamp's The Fountain.  What do you anticipate of this in agreement of actuality art? 10. You'll apprehension in your book there are a lot of "isms" in 20th aeon art - surrealism, expressionism, dadaism, fauvism, etc., etc.  Take a attending at these altered styles and approaches to art.  Which one do you like best? Like least?  Explain your answer.

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