unit 8

 Reviewing the Eight-Step Model Our arbiter presented eight accomplish to commutual a analysis report. While your final cardboard in the antecedent assemblage went through the analysis angle step, it is still important to be accustomed with the final accomplish in the action for approaching endeavors. For this assignment, booty on the role of instructor, and architecture a PowerPoint appointment answer anniversary of the eight accomplish in the process. Do not artlessly adhesive advice from the arbiter or any alternative source. Use argument sparingly on anniversary accelerate and use the Addendum area to added explain the ammo point actual you accept included on anniversary slide. Please do not adhesive paragraphs of baby chantry assimilate the slides. Accommodate at atomic one accelerate for anniversary of the eight steps. Remember to abutment your credibility with bookish actual and accommodate citations area bare to appearance from area the advice came. Accommodate a abounding APA appearance advertence accelerate at the end. Do not balloon to accommodate a appellation accelerate with your name on it. For advice in creating an able PowerPoint presentation, analysis the afterward ability created by the CSU Writing Center. http://columbiasouthern.adobeconnect.com/powerpointbestpractices/ For a simple adviser on inserting apostle addendum into your presentation, bang actuality to appearance the certificate PowerPoint Apostle Notes. 

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