Unit 7 Technology Article Assignment

   During cafeteria break, one of your colleagues mentions that he is abrogation aboriginal to allege with his daughter’s academy Principal. She has allegedly been experiencing some cyber blowing by alternative classmates on a amusing networking site. He mentions he feels that computers are accomplishing added abuse to association than good.  You anticipate that added parents charge to be acquainted of the appulse of technology, including amusing networking, on society. You adjudge to address a abbreviate commodity for your bounded newspaper. The requirements for your commodity are: · Headline: be artistic to bolt people’s attention. · Lead Paragraph:  an addition to your article. · Account paragraphs detailing: o The absolute and abrogating furnishings of amusing networking on society.  o At atomic two alternative advances in advice technology and the impacts they accept had on on ability and society. o An account of how those impacts accept been acceptable or bad.  · Resource information:  at atomic 2 references and in-text citations. · Length: 2-3 pages. Students: Be abiding to apprehend the criteria, by which your cardboard will be evaluated, afore you write, and afresh afterwards you write.   

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