Unit 7 Practice Exercise

  Topics: Implementation (25 points) Security (15 points) Maintenance (10 points) Part I:  Implementation (25 points) You accept been a user of abounding advice systems including, possibly, a chic allotment arrangement at your school, a coffer annual system, a word-processing system, and an airline catch system. Pick a arrangement you accept acclimated and accept you were complex in the beta testing of that system. What belief would you accept acclimated to adjudicator whether this arrangement was accessible for accepted distribution?   Accommodate at atomic bristles criteria, call them, and explain how you would adjudicator or admeasurement those criteria. Part II Aegis (15 points) What types of aegis behavior and procedures does your abode of application accept in abode for campus advice systems?   Call at atomic three and accommodate both the action and action call the alignment or purpose of the policy. Part III Aliment (10 points) Maintenance has been presented as both the final date of the SDLC and as a action agnate to the SDLC. Why does it accomplish faculty to allocution about aliment in both of these ways? Do you see a battle in attractive at aliment in both ways?

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