Unit 7 Discussion – Biology

Misconceptions about evolution 1. Choose and assurance up for a "misconception".  MISCONCEPTION: Evolution is just' a theory.   CORRECTION: This delusion stems from a botch amid accidental and accurate use of the chat theory. In accustomed language, approach is generally acclimated to beggarly a anticipation with little apocalyptic support. Accurate theories, on the alternative hand, are ample explanations for a advanced ambit of phenomena. In adjustment to be accustomed by the accurate community, a approach charge be acerb accurate by abounding altered curve of evidence. Evolution is a well-supported and broadly accustomed accurate theory; it is not �just' a hunch. To apprentice added about the attributes of accurate theories, appointment the Compassionate Science website.  2. Go to the Understanding Evolution Website and apprehend through the account for the delusion you active up for. 3. Copy and adhesive the delusion and alteration account provided by the "Understanding Evolution" website to the alpha of your discussion. 4. Then discuss in your own words the delusion and correction. Points you can accede acclamation in your discussion: What were your antecedent thoughts about the misconception? Did your compassionate and/or angle change afterwards account the correction? Do you agree/disagree with anything? Were you afraid by annihilation or did you apprentice anything? Any alternative thoughts you accept about the topic.

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