Unit 6 DB: The symbols of your life

Unit 6 DB: The symbols of your life Unit 6 DB: The symbols of your lifeInitial response: Henry and Walker accommodate belief that accommodate symbols that are life-changing for the protagonist(s). In two or more well-developed paragraphs, answer the afterward prompts: Choose a attribute from either "The Allowance of the Magi" or "Everyday Use" and altercate what acceptation this symbol had to you as the clairvoyant (an archetype of this would be the combs Jim gave to Della and a altercation about a adored allowance that you accustomed or gave).  Use argument examples in this section. If addition were to address your activity story, what attribute would be present and why?  How does this attribute represent you?   You can attach a account of your symbol (an archetype of this ability be a babyish absolute from your childhood, or a baseball from your aboriginal game). 

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