Unit 5 Quiz

  QUESTION 1 "Empowerment" primarily deals with the affair of _____a.primacy.b.linkage.c.self-advocacy.d.justice modeling. 5 credibility    QUESTION 2 Which of the afterward is a accessible disadvantage of accumulation counseling?a.Higher cost.b.More one-on-one focus.c.Some bodies do not feel safe in a group.d.Lack of absolute learning. 5 credibility    QUESTION 3 Gestalt groups focus on _____a.historical exploration.b.family systems.c.here-and-now interactions.d.listening skills. 5 credibility    QUESTION 4 "Tandeming" is _____a.a accumulation skill.b.a anatomy of affiliate resistance.c.a ambiguous co-leader advice pattern.d.a alleviative agency abandoned accessible in co-facilitated groups. 5 credibility    QUESTION 5 The primary ambiguous elements of bifold relationships absorb _____a.trust and mistrust.b.social amends and oppression.c.power cogwheel and exploitation.d.role about-face and role combining. 5 credibility    QUESTION 6 In developing your own theory, you should acquisition a accordance amid _____a.your behavior and the group's beliefs.b.your behavior and your professor's beliefs.c.the aesthetics of the approach and the rules of your site.d.the aesthetics of the approach and your beliefs. 5 credibility    QUESTION 7 Advertising and networking are two analytical pieces of which footfall of accumulation creation?a.Reaching out.b.Forming.c.Marketing and recruiting.d.Setting up. 5 credibility    QUESTION 8 One audible advantage of accumulation over abandoned counseling is the adeptness to _____a.work on goals.b.terminate effectively.c.choose a theory.d.discover others. 5 credibility    QUESTION 9 Adlerian approach focuses on animal beings in _____a.a abstruse context.b.a amusing context.c.a psychosexual context.d.an bookish context. 5 credibility    QUESTION 10 One account of consulting the abstract about your accumulation abstraction is that it _____a.prevents you "reinventing the wheel."b.improves your account skill.c.expands your accumulation margin.d.covers your ethical obligation. 5 credibility    QUESTION 11 The analysis of the American Counseling Association that focuses on accumulation assignment is _____a.American Accumulation Assignment Association.b.Association of Accumulation Work.c.American Accumulation Society.d.Association for the Specialists in Accumulation Work. 5 credibility    QUESTION 12 This administration appearance is autonomous in acclimatization and accord by all accumulation associates in establishing goals is encouraged.a.Democratic.b.Assertive.c.Process Observer.d.Explorer. 5 credibility    QUESTION 13 The accumulation accouterment an immediate, contiguous befalling for the accumulation associates to change their perceptions and to convenance added complete amusing active is an archetype of _____a.cohesion.b.reality testing lab.c.linking.d.extrapolation. 5 credibility    QUESTION 14 The "curative factors" were accustomed by _____a.Homeyer.b.Siepmann.c.Morrison.d.Yalom. 5 credibility    QUESTION 15 The alleviative agency that helps bodies feel that they are not abandoned or abandoned with the "uniqueness" of their problems is _____a.linking.b.altruism.c.universality.d.congruence. 5 credibility    QUESTION 16 Pregroup interviews can be acclimated to _____a.orient the affiliate to the group.b.go over accumulation rules.c.assess if the affiliate is a acceptable fit for the group.d.all of the above. 5 credibility    QUESTION 17 Which of the afterward is NOT a tip for allotment a co-leader?a.Share all aspects of planning and active the group.b.Work with leaders with whom you can accept a accommodating and honest relationship.c.Find bodies who are the aforementioned age as you.d.Interview all -to-be co-leaders. 5 credibility    QUESTION 18 If the accumulation baton moves out of an ethnocentric lens and added absolutely recognizes the affluence of the cultural elements of anniversary member, which ambit is actuality experienced?a.Justice potential.b.Creativity.c.Multi-leveled linking.d.Multicultural integration. 5 credibility    QUESTION 19 Confidentiality in accumulation assignment _____a.cannot be guaranteed.b.can be guaranteed.c.applies abandoned to counseling groups.d.is adequate by law. 5 credibility    QUESTION 20 Two accepted types of co-leader abhorrence accommodate _____a.political and financial.b.theoretical and personality.c.religious and spiritual.d.racial and ancestors of origin. 5 credibility    Click Save and Abide to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.  

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