Unit 5 essay

Please address an commodity about abuse blockage in the dry charwoman and hydraulic fracturing industries. Accommodate the afterward items: one-paragraph introduction; (five paragraphs commodity review):Sinshelmer, Grout, Namkoong, Gottlieb, and Latif (2007): dry charwoman article, including an account of the accepted dry charwoman action application perchloroethylene (PCE), problems with PCE, and a analysis of options to PCE presented in the paper; (total—of a bristles paragraphs analysis for both accessories TOTAL 5 paragraphs): the Heywood (2012) commodity about Fracking  Chen, Al-Wadei, Kennedy, and Terry (2014) commodity on hydraulic fracturing, including ecology issues with hydraulic fracturing and the P2 solutions presented in anniversary of the two accessories (include the use of aqueous carbon dioxide); ALL of this in 5 PARAGRAPHS (five paragraphs commodity review):the Taylor, Carbonell, and Desimone (2010) commodity on application aqueous carbon dioxide for P2, absorption on how aqueous carbon dioxide can be acclimated as a acting in the dry charwoman industry and in the hydraulic fracturing industry;and a two-paragraph arbitrary to accommodate your all-embracing thoughts about P2 (Conclusion) in the dry charwoman and hydraulic fracturing industries, and accurately whether aqueous carbon dioxide is a reasonable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly another to acceptable methods. This appointment is worded actual strangely, but accumulate in apperception there is a absolute of 18 paragraphs. Try to accumulate the paragraphs bound to what is required. This is a diffuse appointment and usually is 3 – 4 pages in length. The catchy allotment that stumps best acceptance is the aberrant way the admonition are written. But you charge attach to the action or credibility are counted off. 1. Address a one-paragraph INTRODUCTION that addresses both Dry Charwoman and Fracking 2. Address a bristles (5) paragraphs commodity analysis (not 2, not 6; but 5) on the Sinshelmer, et al commodity about dry cleaning. 3. Address a bristles (5) paragraphs commodity analysis (TOTAL of 5, not bristles each, not 3 and 2; but 5) on the Heywood and Chen et al accessories about fracking and altercate the use of aqueous Carbon Dioxide alternative. All this in a TOTAL of bristles paragraphs. 4. Address a bristles (5) paragraphs commodity analysis (not 2, not 6; but 5) on the Taylor et al commodity on the use of Carbon Dioxide as an another antecedent in dry charwoman and fracking. 5. Last, address a two-paragraph arbitrary (Conclusion) about P2 alternatives to dry charwoman and fracking. There is no charge to accomplish your cardboard longer; it will not advance your score. Example Outline: 1. Introduction 2. Bristles branch analysis of the Sinshelmer, et al. commodity about dry charwoman article 3. Bristles branch analysis of the Heywood and the Chen, et al. accessories on hydraulic fracturing.   These two accessories get a absolute of 5 paragraphs. 4.  Five-paragraph analysis on the Taylor, Carbonell, and Desimone commodity about application      liquid carbon dioxide for P2. 5.  Two branch summary

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