Unit 4 – ScrumMaster and Project Managers Pecha Kucha Team Assignment

  The Question has been for several years "What is the aberration amid a ScrumMaster and a Project Manager?"  Lots of accessories accept been accounting and in some cases some appealing polarizing statements. Your appointment is as a aggregation to adapt a Pecha Kucha presentation with recordings from all aggregation associates that use at atomic the accessories listed beneath as references.   You should include:  1) why is it important to allocution about this difference,  2) what is the difference  3) what you accept the actual angle is and  4) how does your aggregation handle this role acumen today or if they don't, how do you anticipate they would handle it? Deliverable: 20 Slides, 20 abnormal per slide, recorded by all aggregation associates with accord accelerate for aggregation accord at end. Article Here are a brace of examples of how to do a Pecha Kucha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32WEzM3LFhw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9zxNTpNMLo Google chase for Pecha Kucha to see alternative examples of how to actualize on PowerPoint One being upload your presentation to Moodle by the due date (less than 64 MB)

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