Unit 4 Equality and Diversity

NCFE Akin 2 Certificate in Adequation and Assortment Unit 4: Living in assorted communities Assessment You should use this book to complete your Assessment. • The aboriginal affair you charge to do is save a archetype of this document, either assimilate your computer or a deejay • Again assignment through your Assessment, canonizing to save your assignment consistently • When you’ve finished, book out a archetype to accumulate for advertence • Then, go to www. vision2learn. com and accelerate your completed Assessment to your abecedary via your My Study breadth – accomplish abiding it is acutely apparent with your name, the advance appellation and the Unit and Assessment number. Name: 1. Alarm a ambit of adapted analytic methods that can be acclimated to analyze assortment in a community. Ambit of age. Sex macho to changeable ratio. Different religion/faiths, conjugal cachet alliance & annulment statistics. Ethnicity i. e. which indigenous accumulation is best arresting & Education etc. This admonition for archetype can be sourced by accessing demography information, the internet & additionally through empiric abstracts 2. Application one (or more) of the methods you categorical in Question 1, alarm the admeasurement of assortment that exists aural your community. You should allegorize your assignment with some absolute abstracts such as statistics or desktop research. Statistics for the accomplished of BD4 breadth on adoration |All Bodies |Count |Persons |17497 | |Christian |Count |Persons |3892 | |Buddhist |Count |Persons |8 | |Hindu |Count |Persons |158 | |Jewish |Count |Persons |7 | |Muslim Count |Persons |10310 | |Sikh |Count |Persons |744 | |Any alternative adoration |Count |Persons |18 | |No adoration |Count |Persons |896 | |Religion not declared |Count |Persons |1464 | Statistics for the accomplished of BD4 breadth on Conjugal cachet All Bodies |Count |Persons |17497 | |Single (never married) |Count |Persons |9213 | |Married (first marriage) |Count |Persons |5982 | |Re-married |Count |Persons |404 | |Separated (but still accurately married) |Count |Persons |461 | |Divorced |Count |Persons |628 | |Widowed |Count |Persons |809 | 3. Using one (or more) of the methods you categorical in Question 1, alarm the ambit of casework and agencies that abide aural your bounded association to abutment diversity. Bradford Refugee Appointment - This is run by the Northern Refugee Centre in Sheffield. The Burghal of Bradford itself has a citizenry estimated at aloof over bisected a million, 22% of which is BME. This makes Bradford one of England’s melting pots with a cogent BME presence. Beginning 1960’s, the admission of casual labour abundantly from South Asia to assignment in the city’s growing bolt industry resulted in a big absorption of the Pakistan community. The burghal was rocked by chase riots in 1995 and 2001. It additionally accomplished accretion inflows of cover seekers, refugees and migrants from all over the apple abnormally from Afghanistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia and alternative EU states. It is adjoin this accomplishments that BRF was formed with a ample address to accommodate a able articulation for the refugee and cover association and to accomplish this by ensuring alive representation of these communities at assorted cardinal forums in political, bread-and-butter and socio-cultural organizations. Carefully affiliated to this commitment, was the charge for allotment these communities through able acquirements and development and the commitment of capital admonition to the adapted people, at the adapted time and place. Through this strategy, barriers to capital casework would be apart and the abeyant for amusing affiliation enhanced. Additionally, it was hoped that architecture accommodation in the cover and refugee community, would admission opportunities for individuals to abound their skills, ability and competencies as able-bodied as their assets earning potential. Olive Branch Assurance – Olive Branch Assurance was accustomed in 1983 to advance in the bounded association of South Bradford, West Yorkshire. Over the years the Assurance has developed appreciably and now focuses on 2 capital areas of work, namely the Ancestors and the Youth. The Assurance employs abounding bodies and these are helped by abundant accomplished and committed volunteers In 2001 the Assurance additionally became a Limited Company, and again in 2008/9 Association Interest Companies were formed to bigger bear the casework to our clients. There are now 2 companies namely E:merge CIC (Youth /Education Services) and BD4 CIC (services to the Family). Whereas the antecedent focus was our burghal of Bradford they now accommodate casework to those added afield. Biologic & Booze Counselling – Aural Bradford there are several organisations alms admonition with biologic and booze problems, organisations like the Council and the Health Authority and specialist autonomous organisations. They can accord admonition from applied admonition and admonition to counselling and prescribing. Abutment and admonition can additionally be accustomed to families of bodies with booze and biologic problems. All the organisations assignment carefully calm and use anniversary other's adapted skills. If you acquaintance one organisation and its workers feel addition organisation could admonition you more, they will altercate this with you. But you are acceptable to acquaintance any of the organisations. 4. Application one (or more) of the methods you categorical in Question 1, accommodate a advanced ambit of examples (at atomic 20) of concrete signs that appearance there is assortment aural your community. Include examples apropos to: • Adoration • Ethnicity • Age • Disability • Gender 1-Shop signage in bifold accent 2-Different places of adoration 3-Large bulk of advancement aid shops 4-More asian dress shops 5-Halal butchers 6-Charity shops for beyond aid 7-Few English speaking schools -Large bulk of analyst agencies 9-Few English speaking boutique workers 10-Increased bulk of asian aliment warehouses 11-Very few white/british families in breadth 12-More macho shop/factory workers than changeable 13-More baby ancestors run businesses aperture 14-More asian familes affective into abandoned houses 15-More distinct males in breadth 16-Lack of Christmas anniversary in breadth 17-Restaurant added ill-fitted to asian association 18-Solicitors specialising in clearing needs 19-Shop aperture times to fit in with association prayers 20-Very few churches but added cardinal of mosques 5. Alarm the types of asperity that could abide aural a community. Report on your findings. As displayed in the tables in Q1 it shows that the Muslim association has added followers in the BD4 breadth than all alternative religions put together, it additionally shows that over bisected of the belt are distinct persons. 6. Alarm the threats that abide to adequation and assortment aural the community, application examples of bent and extremism. The Bradford Council for Mosques agreed that Muslims had a abrogating angel in British society. A agent said: “The absolute British Muslim association gets abhorrent for the bearded accomplishments of a few. The gross misconceptions about Islam accomplish British Muslims an accessible ambition for blame. Bradford West MP Marsha Singh said: “There is growing Islamaphobia and it has developed back 7/7 but what we charge to do is accomplish abiding bodies accumulate it in perspective. (Telegraph & Argus - January 2011) As Pakistan comes out of three canicule of official aching afterward the assassination of Salman Taseer, governor of the Punjab arena and a chief affiliate of the Pakistan People’s Party, bodies in Bradford are affronted and anxious. Chief accessible abstracts amid Muslims in Bradford are anxious that Pakistan may be in the anchor of religious bent that may be a blackmail to their own accompany and family. Ishtiaq Ahmed, agent for Bradford Council for Mosques, was in Pakistan a fortnight ago with his wife. He says: “People there accept no assurance in the authorities with attention to law or justice. If article goes wrong, they don’t alarm the police. When you accept that akin of distrust, bodies booty the law into their own hands. (Telegraph & Argus - January 2011) 7. Research the ambit of abutment casework and networks that abide aural the bounded association to abutment assortment and explain the specific roles they backpack out and the users they support. This assignment should be completed for anniversary of the following: a) Accessible area organisations Bradford Royal Infirmary – NHS hospital for use of any bodies defective treatment. Bowling anteroom medical convenance - offers a abounding ambit of medical casework to the communities of South Bradford. Our two macho and four changeable doctors accept all-encompassing acquaintance aural the NHS, and authority assorted surgeries throughout the day. HolmeWood library – Library for association residents. b) Charitable and autonomous organisations Willow Foundation - the alone civic alms that provides cerebral and affecting abutment for actively ill 16 to 40 year olds through the accouterment of adapted day experiences. St Vincent de Paul Association - SVP Association Shops accommodate addition point of admission to SVP casework for those best in need. The SVP operates 29 association shops beyond England and Wales. The shops are anchored in areas of denial and serve bounded communities, accouterment low amount appurtenances and domiciliary items to disadvantaged individuals and families, alms a alert ear, and area appropriate, alignment for bounded SVP associates to appointment those best in need. c) Self-help groups Alzheimers association – Available to anyone for dementia admonition Action for the dark - Action for Dark Bodies is a civic alms accouterment chargeless and arcane abutment for dark and partially sighted bodies in all aspects of their lives. One alarm to Action agency admonition with annihilation from award a job, applying for benefits, apartment issues to admonition on bounded services. UK Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Appointment - The UK's alone specific appointment for patients, families, accompany and carers of those diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Once you accept completed this Assessment, go to www. vision2learn. com and accelerate your assignment to your babysitter for marking.

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