Unit 2

Brand Extension Business Plan Introduction: The Assignment in this assemblage is to complete a basic of a Cast Extension Business Plan for one new artefact on the account of an absolute for-profit organization. Application the Business Plan Adviser begin in Course Documents, complete and abide the afterward apparatus of your Business Plan. Unit 2: Identifying and Assessing Business Opportunities 2.0 SITUATION ANALYSIS Write a 1-paragraph arbitrary of the accepted bearings – abode this breadth afterwards commutual the afterward sections of the Bearings Analysis, but put it in this order. 2.1 Bazaar Arbitrary (Write this breadth afterwards commutual 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.4, and 2.2) In a 1–2 branch summary, address: What are your ambition chump groups? Why?  What are your projections for the advance of this market? 2.1.1 Bazaar Demographics (refer to Chapter 8 of your Kotler argument for accessible definitions/explanations). Carefully ascertain the demographic contour of your ambition market.  In a agnate fashion, ascertain the geographic ambition breadth you are choosing.  What are the behavior factors that will access your decision-making?  Define the ethics and lifestyles (psychographics) of your ambition market.  2.1.2 Bazaar Needs What are the allowances that are important to your chump base?  What needs to they accept and how do you apperceive this?  2.1.3 Bazaar Trends  Identify and explain at atomic three trends that will access how your barter appearance your product. These should be trends activity on in the industry or the environment; these are trends that your company/product can acknowledge to in some way. Remember: Trends are continued term; fads are abbreviate term.  2.1.4 Bazaar Growth Is the bazaar growing, static, or diminishing? What are the advance trends?  What is the evidence? What assay are you application to actuate bazaar growth?  How will you abode the bazaar if it is growing, static, or diminishing? 2.2 SWOT Assay (refer to Chapter 2 of your Kotler argument for a absolute account of a SWOT analysis) 2.2.1 Strengths: List and call at atomic three absolute centralized aspects that add value. 2.2.2 Weaknesses: List and call at atomic three abrogating centralized aspects that abode you at aggressive disadvantage. 2.2.3 Opportunities: List and call at atomic three opportunities alien to your business that will advance to your success. 2.2.4 Threats: List and call at atomic three threats alien to your business that will abuse your success (Note: It is accepted to accommodate abrupt acts of nature, government and authoritative concerns, and antagonism in this breadth of the SWOT). 2.3 Competition Describe your competition.  Why will barter adopt your product?  How will you attempt with your antagonism and win?  What is the business mix (price, place, promotion, product, you apperceive them as “the 4 P’s of Marketing”) of at atomic one of your competitors? 2.4 Artefact Offering  What are the product/features/benefits? (we decidedly affliction about allowances as these are from the angle of the ambition market) Describe your Cast Disinterestedness Model and say how you will body cast disinterestedness for this product/service. 2.5 Keys to Success List and call at atomic three factors that will actuate your success.  2.6 Critical Issues How will you advantage your SWOT strengths and opportunities to your advantage?  How will you abate the appulse of your SWOT weaknesses and threats? Where is your artefact in the artefact activity aeon and why? Accredit to your Kotler argument for a analogue of a artefact activity cycle. Tips The adviser you should use for the Cast Extension Business Plan is in Course Documents beneath Course Resources in the larboard aeronautics area. The Kotler and Keller argument will be acutely advantageous to you back commutual your Assignments. Be abiding to analysis the Sample Business Plan (Pegasus Sports International) in Chapter 2 of your Kotler text. The apparatus of your Cast Extension Business Plan for Assemblage 2 are evaluated application this rubric. Directions for Submitting your Assignment Compose your Assignment in a Word certificate and save it as Username GB530 Assemblage 2 Assignment (Example: JSmith GB530 Assemblage 2 Assignment.doc). Abide your book by selecting the Assemblage 2: Assignment Dropbox.

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