Unit 2

   Due date 11/6/2018 Mid Night - $40.00 Unit 02 Discussion 1 Group Analysis During your Track 2 experience, you had the befalling to co-lead a accumulation with addition abecedarian to convenance accumulation abetment skills. These abilities are not specific to any counseling theory. In adjustment to accede how added theory-driven accumulation interventions are shaped, baddest a specific counseling approach that you may tap for your approaching accumulation counseling practice. It may be the approach you chip into your accumulation angle for the COUN5832 advance project, or one that you will be appliance for your u05a1 Case Study Treatment Plan. Complete the following: Locate      a peer-reviewed commodity focused aloft a accumulation counseling appliance of      that theory. Describe      how the goals and techniques of the called approach are activated in the      group declared in the article. Address      how the amount accumulation abetment abilities accomplished in Track 2 can be      utilized to abutment accumulation interventions declared in the article. Unit 2 Discussion 2 Alternative Types of Counseling Groups Describe the commodity that you amid pertaining to another types of counseling groups. Address the afterward questions: Why did you baddest this article? How able do you anticipate this blazon of accumulation counseling is as compared to a commonly facilitated group? What acknowledged and ethical considerations charge to be addressed? What types of appropriate abetment abilities does a baton of this blazon of counseling accumulation charge to advance in adjustment to auspiciously facilitate this group? Be abiding to column the commendation of your article. 

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