unit 10 finance hw

Please acknowledgment the afterward algebraic problems  If the atom amount was $1.0075/C$ and the 90-day advanced amount was $1.0185/C$, how abundant added (in U.S. dollars) would you accept by affairs C$1,384,000 at the advanced amount than at the atom rate? Additional revenue$ =   The adopted barter administration at Tokyo’s Daiwa Coffer quoted the atom amount on the euro at €0.007165/¥. The 90-day advanced amount is quoted at a exceptional of 5.30 percent on the euro. What is the 90-day advanced rate? (Round acknowledgment to 6 decimal places, e.g. 15.251945. Use 360 canicule for calculation.) Forward rate€ /________¥  Blossom Accessories purchased accouterment from a Japanese close and charge accomplish a acquittal of ¥213,250,000 in 45 days. The coffer quotes a advanced amount of ¥100.00/$ to buy the appropriate yen. What is the amount to Blossom in U.S. dollars? (Round acknowledgment to 2 decimal places, e.g. 15.25.) Cost of equipment$ =    Wildhorse, Inc., awash accessories to an Irish close and will accept €1,339,300 in 30 days. If the aggregation entered a advanced arrangement to advertise at the 30-day advanced amount of $1.3095/€, what is the dollar acquirement received? (Round acknowledgment to 2 decimal places, e.g. 15.25.) Revenue received$ =  Sheridan Pharma aloof accustomed revenues of $3,163,700 in Australian dollars (A$). Management has the afterward barter rates: A$2.69000/£ and $1.5906/£. What is the U.S. dollar amount of the company’s revenues? (Round average adding to 4 decimal places, e.g. 15.2578 and final acknowledgment to the abutting accomplished dollar, e.g. 5,275.) Revenue$ =  Venkat Ram purchased a brace of dress shoes in Italy for €131.25. If the atom barter amount is $1.5621/€, what did the shoes amount in dollars? (Round your final acknowledgment to two decimal places.) €131.25 $205.03 €84.02 $84.02  Given the afterward quotes, account the €/£ cantankerous rate. (Round acknowledgment to 4 decimal places, e.g. 15.2578. Do not admission bill sumbols in your answer.) Bank of America $1.670/£JP Morgan Chase $1.3859/€ Cross rate€ /_______£   Trident Corp. afresh purchased accouterment genitalia account 23.5 actor Mexican Pesos (MP). Management needs to apperceive the U.S. dollar amount of the payables. It has admission to two quotes for Canadian dollars (C$): C$1.0774/$ and C$0.0981/MP. What will it amount Trident to acquirement 23.5 actor Mexican pesos? (Do not annular your average calculations. Annular your final acknowledgment to the abutting dollar.) $1,987,325 $2,305,350 $2,531,890 $2,139,735   Bartman, Corp. observes that the Swiss franc (SF) is quoted at $0.6164/SF, while the Swedish krona (SK) is quoted at $0.1981/SK. What is the SK/SF cantankerous rate? (Round your final acknowledgment to four decimal places.) SK0.3214/SF SK2.1467/SF SK3.1116/SF SK0.4183/SF   Bank of America quoted the 180-day advanced amount on the Japanese yen at $0.009702/¥. The atom amount was quoted at $0.009466/¥. What is the advanced exceptional or abatement on the Japanese yen? (Round your final acknowledgment to the abutting percentage.) 7% premium 5% discount 5% premium 7% discount 

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