In today's era, the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution assures every aborigine the appropriate to counsel, a accelerated trial, admission to witnesses, and an candid jury. There are a cardinal of threats to accouterment an candid jury, abnormally in cases that are able-bodied accepted to the media. Identify what options are accessible to the courts to ensure the axiological candor that may be threatened by media exposure. Explain abeyant threats that abide back aggravating to assure the rights of the accused from a media frenzy. In a apple that seems to almanac everything, call how that presents an added claiming to due process? Identify one alternative blackmail to due action and auspiciously accouterment an candid trial. For this assignment, amuse address a two-page cardboard that addresses the questions airish above. Further, analysis three contempo or actual cases about the Sixth Amendment. You charge be abiding to accommodate a abounding abridgment of anniversary case to abutment your viewpoints and statements about challenges to due process. Choose the distinct best important aspect of the Sixth Amendment and avert your position about why it is the best important—be abiding to accommodate a altercation of what would be the appulse if that aspect was bare from the Sixth Amendment. You charge chase APA guidelines for the commendation of your sources, both in-text and on your advertence page. 

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