The 1st Amendment of the Constitution is a catchy thing. It grants one about absolute rights to exercise speech—oral or written.  Focusing alone on the accent section, locate a USSC case that disqualified in favor of brake of Chargeless Accent or Press. Don’t use one that is already addressed by a colleague—there are plenty.  Explain the acceptation of the case you chose.  Which of the levels of analysis was acclimated in your called case?  “Congress shall accomplish no law apropos an enactment of religion, or prohibiting the chargeless exercise thereof; or abbreviating the abandon of speech, or of the press; or the appropriate of the bodies peaceably to assemble, and to address the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Just because you anticipate you apperceive this stuff: Is there any announcement of abandon adequate by the 1st Amendment that you anticipate is a mistake?  Do not use one that was already discussed by a colleague, there are affluence of accessible options. Here is the ONE that I will affirmation for myself, demography it off the table for you; because it was too easy, too emotional, and too misunderstood---  Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989)—if you don’t already apperceive the affair for this case, accomplish abiding you do, BEFORE you accept your own issue. Why would I say this aboveboard case was too misunderstood?  Well alike the Court went 5-4 on it, there charge be some allowance for confounding or debate. In the majority were 1. Brennan; 2. Marshall; 3. Blackmun; 4. Scalia; & 5. Kennedy Dissenting were 1. The Chief Justice Rehnquist;  2. White;  3.  O’Connor;  & 4. Stevens

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