UDL Guidelines: Examples and Resources

This altercation is an befalling to added authenticate your adeptness to administer the attempt of Universal Architecture for Acquirements (UDL) to the architecture of apprenticeship and assessment. As you abstruse aftermost anniversary from account Edyburn (2013) Chapter 5 and examination the CAST (2010) video UDL at a Glance (Links to an alien site.), the three capital attempt acknowledging UDL are to Accommodate Multiple Means of (a) Representation (the “what of learning), (b) Action and Expression (the “how” of learning), and (c) Assurance (the “why” of learning). For this altercation you will analysis technology checkpoints as they chronicle to the three capital attempt of UDL. It may be accessible to analysis the Anniversary Three Adviser Guidance folio area UDL is explored in the bookish addition and to booty time now to analysis your acknowledgment from the Anniversary Three assessments as well. Then, to adapt for this discussion, apprehend the Anniversary Four Adviser Guidance and again appointment the UDL Guidelines - Version 2.0: Examples and Assets (Links to an alien site.) (2014) website. At the website, baddest the assumption you accept been assigned based on your aftermost name application the account below. You will again accept one checkpoint from the assumption you accept been assigned to review. If your aftermost name begins with A-J: Accept one checkpoint from any of the three guidelines from Assumption 1. Accommodate Multiple Means of Representation. If your aftermost name begins with K-O: Accept one Checkpoint from any of the three guidelines from Assumption 2 Accommodate Multiple Means of Action and Expression.  If your aftermost name begins with P-Z: Accept one checkpoint from any of the three guidelines from Assumption 3 Accommodate Multiple Means of Engagement  Within the checkpoint there are several examples and/or assets that abutment the assumption and checkpoint. Next, accept one example/resource that interests you to explore, collaborate with, and evaluate. You may additionally accept to accede examples geared against the brand or adeptness akin you are currently teaching, accept acquaintance in, or intend to teach. Initial Post: Actualize a Jing tutorial or another multimedia-based presentation with software such as Present.me to advertise the specific UDL checkpoint archetype selected. Include the articulation to your Jing tutorial or presentation featuring the example/resource called as able-bodied as accounting responses to the altercation credibility below. Your accounting acknowledgment needs to be amid one and two paragraphs in length. One of the means to accomplish your altercation agreeable and able is by including audio of your articulation alongside a presentation of the advice you accept investigated. You can allocution through these credibility during your tutorial. Keep in mind, the best breadth of a Jing video is bristles account so it will advice to actualize a presentation in PowerPoint aboriginal that is bristles slides connected with anniversary accelerate accoutrement one of the bristles credibility below. If for some acumen you are clumsy to complete this altercation application the recommended technology, amuse acquaintance your adviser for an another way to respond. State the assumption and checkpoint (number and description) analyzed. Address anniversary of the “Key Considerations” for the checkpoint. Share a action that you begin for this assumption and checkpoint that you feel would be applicative in your current/future assignment ambience and call that fully. Amuse advance the afterward ability to abutment you: UDL Strategies by Checkpoint (Links to an alien site.).  Guided Response: Acknowledge to two aeon by aboriginal allotment two aeon with a altered aftermost name alignment again your own. View their multimedia presentation and reflect on how their archetype relates to the three attempt of UDL. Accommodate specific acknowledgment for the “Key Considerations” as able-bodied as their abstraction of how the example/resource featured could be finer acclimated for instruction. Though two replies is the basal expectation, for added assurance and learning, you are encouraged to accommodate responses to any comments or questions others accept accustomed to you to added the conversation. The connected chat additionally gives you added opportunities to authenticate your agreeable expertise, analytical thinking, and absolute apple adventures with the affair of UDL.

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