UCD Workplace Issue

Although this can be a great advantage due to the unique perspective hat people from different backgrounds bring, it can also be detrimental as well to a certain degree. This may become an issue because individuals may sometimes prefer to speak in their own native language which can lead to other colleagues feeling ostracizes. My company is composed of non-Loris Individuals that come from different nationalities. The nationals p from Argentinean, Spanish, American, and Chinese. This creates a melting pot where our Ideas are reflective from the culture that we were brought up in.
However, when my colleagues are conversing with each other, hey will often tend to speak Spanish whether It Is talking about a topic related to the company or Just friendly chitchat. Since the rest of the colleagues don’t speak Spanish, we end up feeling as If we are missing out on something. However, I have to admit that I am also guilty of this as well too certain degree. Since I can speak Mandarin, I will sometimes converse with my Chinese colleague In Mandarin. However, we do not talk about work related topics.
Rather, we converse about how our weekend went and talk about our hobbles. However, this can make other leagues feel left out who are going out to lunch with us because they are not able to communicate with us because they do not speak Mandarin. There was an Instance where my Chinese colleague and I spoke Mandarin during lunch and a colleague seemed to be confused and felt left out because she was unable to participate In the conversation due to her not knowing Mandarin. After that Incident, I became much more aware of not excluding Individuals through language.

One way to solve the Issue of language boundaries Is to Implement a new many policy that dictates that employees can only speak English during working hours. However, during lunch hours, employees are free to speak their own language to their own discretion. This would allow transparency during the work hours and ensure that all the employees In the company do not feel left out. Since lunch hours are a time where employees can do their own personal actively, speaking their own language would be appropriate.
Using English as a standard would be the most logical option because English Is one of the most popular languages and Is regarded s the business of language. Also, many Europeans have an Intermediate level of English which makes communicating with other nonetheless easier whereas It Is not so efficient the other way around. Although this may Infringe on the rights of as a whole to become more collective and create a more transparent environment. Although there are drastic options such as only allowing English during the entire time at work, this is detrimental to the company as a whole.
When companies allow only one language to be spoken at all times, this creates an almost dictatorship like ultra. If an English only rule was implemented in America, it may not be such a big issue but since this company is located in Europe where many different languages are being spoken, this would cause uproar. Furthermore, since English may not be the mother tongue of some employees, this may risk miscommunication which can lead to time and money wasted. Although a company with employees from different nationalities may bring different perspectives, language may sometimes become a deterrent towards the objectives of the company.
This is due to people feeling left UT of conversations because they do not know the language. By implanting a policy where only English can be spoken during working hours with the exception of lunch hours, this will prevent alienation. Critics may point out that this infringes on the rights of individuals, but this new policy would foster a sense of community within the company. Although this policy would potentially be difficult to enforce due to employees feeling as if they’re being coerced into a foreign language, it is imperative that companies do what is best for the objective of the company.

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UCD Workplace Issue
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