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 Each apprentice will be appropriate to complete 2 alone cases/ projects during the semester. Papers are to chase APA standards (APA appearance manual (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.) and be bound to 4 pages (not including the Academic Honesty Cover Sheet: Academic Honesty Coversheet. The purpose of these cases will be to advance analytic and analytic cerebration abilities by accumulation the analytic accoutrement from chic with alternative disciplines  (1) In the basal assignment, you are to aces out what YOU anticipate are the KEY issues and accomplish recommendations, applying chic approach on the way. That's it. Some of the key issues adeptness appear in the questions at the end of the case, but I can't agreement that. (2) The allocation belief (below) serve to accord you a bright compassionate of how I will appraise the cases. (3) Although this adeptness assume ambiguous, amuse accept that afterwards 25 years of actuality in the business world, I can assure you that your bang-up will not say "Is this accurate or false" or "Should I do A,B,C,D, or All of the Above?" So...I accept that a key to your able success will lie in your adeptness to aces out the KEY issues (there are abounding issues that are beneath important...so allotment the analytic one(s) will be actual important) and abode them with analytic recommendations that acknowledgment the "why" (and not aloof "I think/feel"). I apperceive that accomplishing this able-bodied will crave time and effort, but accept me - this empiric exercise creates A LOT of assignment for me as I do apprehend anniversary and every one- but I feel answerable to do this, as it adeptness advice you advance as a professional, and isn't that what we are declared to be bell here? So... I achievement that answers your question, but amuse feel chargeless to email me (in the chic email system) so we will all be on the aforementioned page... Best, ML Case Allocation Criteria 25%:    Identification of Key Issues             Realizing that there are abundant issues, accept those which are the best critical             to the approaching success of the alignment at the time of the case. These key issues             may appear from any allotment of the organization, appropriately they charge not be bound to             people, i.e. systems and procedures may be of the absolute accent at any one             time. (For appellation accumulation projects, afterlight of the advice is recommended) 25%:    Application of Theory             Complement your acceptable account and accepted faculty with the ‘tools’ of this class, i.e.             class/text theory, (past FIU, the ‘tools’ of your profession will be developed as             you 'grow' as a professional). By abacus this angle to your work, both for class AND accomplished FIU,  it will be stronger in its content, and ultimately, more             acceptable to your reader. 25%     Recommendations             Accomplished FIU, the affection of your recommendations will be a analytic agency in your success. Recommendations should, if possible, accommodate alternatives so as to             access objectivity. Also, there should be acumen that “sells” your idea, both in             approach and implementation, i.e. the “why, who, how, when, etc.” of your idea. 25%     Presentation             Organizing and carrying your account in a blunt and analytic address is basic to  the success of your work, for if the presentation is poor, your acceptable account could get lost. Acceptable grammar and syntax are vital, for a clairvoyant can get absent to the point of losing the message, your able believability can be damaged by the disability to write effectively, i.e. typos can leave a abiding impression. Proofreading by a third affair is awful recommended.

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