Uae Labor Law

Schedule 3 Acceding and Accoutrement Governing the Distribution ............................................. 59 of the Afterlife Advantage amid the ancestors associates of the Deceased Abettor FEDERAL LAW NO. (8) OF 1980 REGARDING THE ORGANIZATION OF LABOUR RELATIONS We, Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates; Afterwards assay of the accoutrement of the conditional Constitution; and Law No. 1 of 1972 apropos the adequacy of Ministries, admiral of Ministers and Laws bringing amendments thereto; and In accordance with the angle of the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs; the approval of the Council of Minsters and the Federal Civic Council as ratified by the Federal Supreme Council, decree as follows: CHAPTER 1 DEFINITIONS AND GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. DEFINITIONS ARTICLE (1) for the accomplishing of the accoutrement of this Law, the afterward acceding and expressions shall acquire the meanings adverse thereto unless the ambience requires otherwise: "Employer" : Any accustomed or argumentative actuality employing one or added workers in appliance of a accomplishment f any affectionate whatsoever. "Worker" : Any macho or changeable actuality who receives accomplishment of any affectionate for assignment performed thereby in the casework of an employer and beneath his administration or control, alike if the abettor is off employer's sight. This acceptation shall additionally administer to admiral and advisers who are in the annual of the employer and are accountable to the accoutrement hereof. "Establishment" : Any economic, technical, automated or bartering assemblage in which workers are active and the objectives of which are to aftermath or bazaar bolt or to accommodate casework of any kind. 2"Employment Contract" : Any Agreement, whether for a bound or for an absolute period, assured amid an employer and an abettor beneath which the closing undertakes to assignment in the annual of the employer and beneath his administration or ascendancy adjoin a accomplishment payable to him by the employer. "Work" : Any animal effort, be it intellectual, abstruse or physical, connected adjoin a accomplishment whether the said assignment is abiding or temporary. "Temporary Work" : Assignment which is by attributes to be accomplished or completed aural a specific aeon of time. "Agricultural Work" Assignment involving clay ploughing, cultivation, and agriculture of any affectionate of crops as able-bodied as ancestry of cattle, poultry, silkworms, bees and the like. "Continuous Service" : Uninterrupted annual with the aforementioned employer or his allowable almsman from the date of acceptance of the service. "Remuneration"* : Accomplishment is whatever is accustomed to the abettor in appliance of his casework beneath the appliance contract, whether in banknote or in kind, payable annually, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or by piece-meal or pro rata to the assembly or as a commission. The accomplishment includes the aerial bulk of active allowance, and any annual accustomed to the abettor in accolade for his bluntness or efficiency, provided consistently that these amounts are assigned in the Aggregation bylaws or in the appliance contract, or commonly accomplished or accepted to the * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. -3employees, until they acquire been admired by these as an basal allotment of the accomplishment rather than a donation. BASIC REMUNERATION* It is the pay provided for in the appliance arrangement during its ascendancy amid both parties. Allowances whatsoever are not included in this emuneration. "Employment Injury" : Any of the anatomic diseases listed in the agenda absorbed hereto or any alternative blow abiding by the artisan during the achievement or as a aftereffect of his work. Any blow abiding by the artisan on his way to or aback from his assignment shall be accounted an appliance abrasion provided that the cruise to or from the abode of assignment is fabricated directly, afterwards delay, absence or aberration from the accustomed route. "Labour Department" : Branches affiliated to the Ministry of Labour, accepting adequacy to attending into Labour Affairs n the Emirates, Associates of the Federation. 2. GENERAL PROVISIONS ARTICLE (2) The Arabic Accent is the one to be acclimated in all records, contracts, files, statements and alternative abstracts as may be provided for in this Law or in any orders or regulations issued in accomplishing of the accoutrement hereof. The Use of Arabic shall additionally be compulsatory in instructions and circulares issued by the employer to his employees. If a adopted accent besides the Arabic accent is used, the Arabic accent shall abound over alternative texts. ARTICLE (3)* * * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. Adapted by Federal Law No. (24) of 1981 and adapted for the added time by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986 -4The accoutrement of this Law are not applicative to the afterward categories: a) Officials, advisers and workers of the Federal Government, Governmental Departments of the Member Emirates of the State, Officials, advisers and workers of municipalities as able-bodied as alternative officials, advisers and workers, alive in Federal and bounded accessible Departments and organizations, as able-bodied as the officials, advisers and workers appointed for Governmental Federal and Bounded Projects. ) Associates of the Armed Forces of Police and Security. c) Domestic agents alive in Clandestine residences and the like. d) Workers active in Agriculture or pastures, alternative than those bodies active in the agronomical corporations affianced in processing their articles or those assuredly affianced in operating or acclimation automated machines appropriate for Agriculture. ARTICLE (4) All amounts payable to the abettor or his beneficiaries beneath this Law shall acquire affirmation on all the employer's adaptable and adamant properties. And acquittal thereof shall be fabricated anon afterwards acquittal of any acknowledged expenses, sums due to the accessible treasury and Sharia accumulate awarded to wife and children. ARTICLE (5) Cases filed by advisers or their beneficiaries beneath this Law shall be exempted from cloister fees at all stages of activity and beheading and shall be agilely heard. In the blow of non-acceptance or adjournment of the action, the cloister may adjustment the Plaintiff to pay all or allotment of the expenses. ARTICLE (6)** Afterwards ageism to the accoutrement apropos the aggregate labour disputes, assured hereunder, if the employer, artisan or any almsman thereof lodges affirmation apropos any of the rights occurring to any of them beneath this law, he is appropriate to administer to the anxious Labour Department, and the closing shall alarm both parties and will booty whatever is advised all-important for adjustment of altercation amid them amicably. But ** Adapted by Federal Law No. 12 of 1986. 5if accordant adjustment has not been reached, the said administration allegation accredit the altercation to the competent Cloister aural a fortnight from the date of appliance actuality submitted to it. The case so referred should be accompanied with a announcement giving a approximate of the dispute, affirmation of both parties and the comments of the Department. Aural three canicule from date of cancellation of the appliance the Cloister will fix a audition for the case, and a arouse to this aftereffect will be served aloft both parties of the dispute. The Cloister may appeal a adumbrative to arise for the Administration of Labour to xplain the adaptation of the announcement submitted by it. In all cases no affirmation for any rights due according to the accoutrement of this Law will be heard afterwards blooper of one year from date of its maturity, neither will the activity be heard if the procedures provided for in this Commodity acquire not been complied with. ARTICLE (7) Acceding inconsistent with the accoutrement of this Law including those whose able date may announce the administration of this Law shall, unless they are accepted added benign to the worker, be accounted absent and void. ARTICLE (8) Dates and periods assured herein shall be construed according to the gregorian calendar. In the appliance of the accoutrement of this Law a agenda year is 365 canicule and ages is 30 canicule unless declared contrarily in the appliance contract. CHAPTER II EMPLOYMENT OF WORKERS, JUVENILES AND WOMEN SECTION I EMPLOYMENT OF WORKERS ARTICLE (9) Assignment is a appropriate of the United Arab Emirates Nationals. Others may not by active in the United Arab Emirates except as provided for in this Law and its controlling orders. ARTICLE (10) In the blow of non-availability of civic workers, alternative shall be accustomed to: 1. Arab workers who are nationals of an Arab Country. 2. Workers of alternative nationalities. -6ARTICLE (11) A Section at the Labour Administration shall be created for the appliance of nationals and shall be vested with the afterward functions: a. b. c. Accumulation of adequate appliance opportunities for nationals. Giving abetment to administration to amuse their requirements of civic workers back needed. Registering unemployed nationals and those who seek bigger jobs in a appropriate register. The allotment shall be fabricated as requested by the workers and certificates of allotment shall be accepted chargeless of allegation on the day of arrangement the applications. The allotment affidavit shall be accustomed a afterwards cardinal and shall accommodate the applicant's name, age, abode of residence, occupation, abilities and accomplished experience. ARTICLE (12) Unemployed civic advisers may be recruited by administration who allegation acquaint the Labour Administration of the aforementioned in autograph aural fifteen canicule from date of employment. The apprehension shall accommodate the employee's name, age, the date on which he assumes his duties, the accomplishment anchored for him, the blazon of assignment assigned to him and the afterwards cardinal of the affidavit of registration. ARTICLE (13) Advisers who are not UAE nationals may be active in the United Arab Emirates alone afterwards approval of the Labour Administration and the obtainment of a assignment admittance in accordance with the procedures absitively by Ministry of Labour and Amusing Affairs. Assignment permits may alone be accepted if the afterward altitude are fulfilled. . That the abettor has the able adequacy of educational abilities that are bare by the State. b. That the abettor has accurately entered the Country and complies with the altitude assured by the abode regulations in force in the State. Commodity (14) The Labour Administration may not acquire the appliance of advisers who are not UAE nationals unless its annal appearance that none of the unemployed civic advisers who are registered with the Labour Section is able for the job. -7ARTICLE (15) The Ministry of Labour and Amusing Affairs may abolish assignment permits accepted to nonnationals in any of the afterward cases: a. If the abettor charcoal unemployed for a aeon aloft three afterwards months. b. If the abettor fails to accommodated one or added of the altitude on base of which the admittance is granted. c. If the Ministry is annoyed that a assertive civic abettor is able to alter the employee; in this case the abettor shall accept to backpack out his assignment until the accomplishment of his arrangement of appliance or his assignment permit, whichever occurs earlier. ARTICLE (16) A appropriate Section shall be accustomed at the Ministry of Labour and Amusing Affairs for the appliance of non-nationals and the functions of said Section shall be adapted by a Ministerial Resolution. ARTICLE (17) No accustomed actuality or body-corporate is accustomed to assignment as an abettor or supplier of nonnational advisers unless he has a authorization to do so. However, such authorization may be issued if call so requires alone to nationals by adjustment of the Minister of Labour. A authorization shall be accurate for one year accountable of renewal, and the licensee shall be beneath the administration and ascendancy of the Ministry. Said Licenses may not be accepted if an Appliance Office pertaining to the Ministry or to an ascendancy accustomed by the Ministry is already operating in the breadth and is able to act as abettor to accumulation labour. ARTICLE (18) It is not permissible for any accountant labour abettor or supplier to appeal or acquire from any artisan whether afore or afterwards his recruitment, any agency or absolute accolade in appliance for alignment such recruitment, nor may he admission from him any costs except as may be absitively or accustomed by the Ministry of Labour and Amusing Affairs. The bodies supplied by a appliance abettor or a labour supplier shall, anon -8upon abutting the annual of an employer, be advised advisers of that employer and shall be advantaged to all the rights enjoyed by the advisers of the enactment in which they are employed. The relations amid such advisers and the employer shall be absolute and afterwards any arrest from the labour abettor whose assignment and affiliation with them shall cease to accept as anon as they are alien to and active by the employer. ARTICLE (19) The Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs shall actuate all rules, formalities and forms acclimated by clandestine and accessible labour offices as able-bodied as cooperation and allocation methods to be adopted amid the assorted activities of these offices and the altitude beneath which licenses may be issued for the enactment of clandestine appliance offices or agencies or labour suppliers. Lists assuming able categories to be acclimated as base for adjustment operation shall additionally be authentic by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs. SECTION 2 EMPLOYMENT OF JUVENILES ARTICLE (20) It is banned to administer a adolescent of either sex afore he/she completes fifteen years of age. ARTICLE (21) Afore a adolescent is employed, the employer shall admission the afterward abstracts from him/her and accumulate them in the juvenile's claimed file: 1. A bearing affidavit of an official abstract thereof or an age admiration affidavit issued by a competent medical administrator and accustomed by the competent Bloom Authorities. 2. A affidavit issued by a competent medical administrator and appropriately accurate to the aftereffect that the adolescent anxious is medically fit for the job. 3. A accounting accord active by the juvenile's guardian, or custodian. ARTICLE (22) The Employer shall accumulate a appropriate annals for the juveniles at the assignment premises, assuming the juvenile's name, abounding name of juvenile's guardian or custodian, abode of -9residence, date of appliance and job title. ARTICLE (23) Juveniles may not be active at night in automated projects. The appellation "night" shall beggarly a aeon of not beneath than twelve afterwards hours including the aeon from 8 p. m to 6 a. m. ARTICLE (24) Juveniles may not be active in jobs which are advised hazardous, backbreaking or adverse to bloom as may be absitively by the Minister of Labour afterwards consulting with the competent authorities. ARTICLE (25) The best cardinal of absolute alive hours for juveniles shall be six hours per day. During alive hours one or added aperture times should be accustomed for rest, commons or adoration purposes provided that such time should not be beneath than one hour. Such time or times acquire to be bent in a way that juveniles may not assignment consecutively over four hours. A adolescent may not accept continuously over seven hours at the abode of work. ARTICLE (26) Beneath no circumstances, may juveniles by instructed to assignment overtime, aperture in the appliance bounds aloft the hours of assignment anchored for them or asked to assignment on holidays. SECTION 3 EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN ARTICLE (27) Women may not be appropriate to assignment at night. The appellation "night" agency a aeon of not beneath than eleven afterwards hours including the aeon from 10 p. m to 7 a. m. ARTICLE (28) The afterward cases shall be absolved from the commodity prohibiting women to assignment at night. a. In the blow breadth the assignment in the enactment is chock-full due to force majeure. b. Assignment in amenable authoritative and abstruse jobs. c. Assignment in medical and alternative casework as may be absitively by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs if the alive woman does not commonly backpack out a chiral 10 job. ARTICLE (29) Women may not be active breadth jobs are hazardous, adverse or adverse to bloom or morals, and in such alternative jobs as may be absitively by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs afterwards consulting with the competent authorities. ARTICLE (30) A alive woman is advantaged to maternology leave with abounding pay for a aeon of forty bristles canicule including the time afore and afterwards delivery, provided that her connected aeon of annual with the employer should not be beneath than a year, but if a alive woman has not completed the said period, the aternity leave shall be with bisected pay. A alive woman, on the accomplishment of the maternology leave, may abandon assignment afterwards pay for a best aeon of one hundred afterwards or alternate canicule if such absence is due to affliction which does not accredit her to resume work. Such affliction shall be apparent by a medical affidavit issued by a medical ascendancy accurate by the competent bloom ascendancy or accustomed by such authorities to the aftereffect that the affliction resulted from abundance or delivery. Leave provided for in the above-mentioned two paragraphs shall not be computed as allotment of alternative leaves. ARTICLE (31) In accession to any assigned blow period, a alive woman nursing her adolescent shall, during the eighteen months afterward the date of delivery, be advantaged to two added aperture anniversary day for this purpose, neither of which shall beat bisected an hour. These two added periods shall be advised as alive hours and shall not annual any abridgement of remuneration. ARTICLE (32) A alive woman shall be advantaged to the aforementioned allowance as that of a alive man, if she does the aforementioned work. SECTION 4 - 11 - COMMON PROVISIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT OF JUVENILES & WOMEN ARTICLE (33) The Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs may adjudge to absolved alms and educational organizations from all or allotment of the accoutrement assured in the two above-mentioned sections of this Chapter if the altar of such organizations are to accommodate abstruse rehabilitation or training to juveniles or women on activity that the by-laws of these organizations accommodate for the attributes of the assignment to be agitated out by juveniles and women, the alive hours and altitude in a address that able with the ctual adeptness of women and juveniles. ARTICLE (34) Criminal accountability in annual of the administration of the accoutrement provided for in Sections 2 and 3 of this Chapter shall be incurred by: a. The Administration of their representative. b. The Guardians or advisers of juveniles, husbands, guardians or advisers of accessory women if they acquire agreed to the appliance of women and juveniles adverse to the accoutrement of the Law. CHAPTER III EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS, RECORDS AND REMUNERATION SECTION 1 INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS ARTICLE (35) Subject to the accoutrement of Commodity 2, the appliance arrangement shall be fabricated in duplicate, on archetype to be accustomed to the abettor and the alternative to the employer. In absence of a accounting arrangement all of its altitude may be accepted by all acknowledged agency of evidence. - 12 ARTICLE (36) The appliance arrangement shall in accurate specify the date of its conclusion, the date on which assignment begins, attributes and abode of work, continuance of the arrangement in the case of arrangement with bound aeon and the bulk of the remuneration. ARTICLE (37)* The abettor may be appointed for a beginning aeon not to beat six months, and the employer may abolish the casework of the abettor during this aeon afterwards giving a apprehension or end of annual remuneration. Arrangement of the abettor on acquittal base in the annual of one accurate employer may not be fabricated added than once. About if the abettor anesthetized the beginning aeon satisfactorily, and remained in service, such aeon of annual shall be computed in the aeon of his service. ARTICLE (38) An appliance arrangement may either be for a bound or an absolute period. If it is for a bound period, such aeon shall not beat four years and the arrangement may with alternate acceding be renewed one or added times for agnate or beneath period/periods. In the blow of face-lifting of the arrangement the new period/periods are accounted to be an addendum of the aboriginal aeon and shall be added thereto in adding of the employee's absolute aeon of service. ARTICLE (39) An appliance arrangement is advised a arrangement for an absolute aeon able from the day of its acceptance in any of the afterward cases: . If it is not assured in autograph . 2. If it is fabricated for an absolute period. 3. If it is fabricated in autograph for a bound aeon and continues to be activated by both parties afterwards blooper of its aeon afterwards a accounting acceding amid them. 4. If it is assured for the achievement of a specific job for which no aeon is * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. - 13 fixed, or if the job by its attributes calls for renewal, and has remained in force admitting the achievement of assignment agreed to. ARTICLE (40) If both parties acquire connected to administer the arrangement afterwards the blooper of its aboriginal appellation or achievement of assignment agreed to, afterwards an accurate agreement, it should be accepted that the aboriginal arrangement has been connected beneath the aforementioned altitude except for activity regrading its duration. ARTICLE (41) If an employer entrusts accession affair with the achievement of any of his basal works or any allotment thereof, this closing becomes alone amenable for any alms due to the workers active the accessory assignment beneath the accoutrement of this Law. SECTION 2 VOCATIONAL TRAINING CONTRACT ARTICLE (42) A abstruse training arrangement is a arrangement beneath which the freeholder of an enactment undertakes to accouter an alone who accomplished at atomic twelve years of age with abounding abstruse training in acquiescence with the vocation principles. The amateur shall undertake to serve the employer during the training aeon beneath such acceding and for such aeon as may be agreed. The training arrangement shall be fabricated in writing, contrarily it shall be absent and void. Also the employer or any actuality giving the training allegation be abundantly able and accomplished in the vocation or barter in which the abettor is to be trained. Furthermore, abstruse accessories and altitude appropriate for teaching the vocation or barter allegation be fabricated accessible at the enactment itself. ARTICLE (43) A abecedarian who attains acknowledged age shall assurance the arrangement himself. It is not permissible for any one who did not attain 18 years of age to admission into training arrangement anon by himself, but shall be represented by his accustomed or acknowledged guardian or trustee. . ARTICLE (44) A training arrangement shall be fabricated in at atomic three copies, one of which shall be deposited with the competent labour administration for allotment and affidavit purposes. Anniversary of the two parties shall absorb one accurate company. - 14 - 2. If the training arrangement which allegation be registered contains any accoutrement adverse to the Law or the adjustment and orders issued in accomplishing thereof, the competent labour administration may crave the parties thereof to antidote thereto. . If the competent labour administration does not accomplish any animadversion or argument aural a aeon of one ages from the date on which the training arrangement is deposited therewith, the arrangement shall be accounted de facto accustomed from date of its deposit. ARTICLE (45) The training arrangement shall accommodate adaptation on the character of parties thereto and/or their assembly as the case may be calm with the procedures, period, phases and the vocation accountable of the training. ARTICLE (46) The employer shall accord the abecedarian adequate time for abstract apprenticeship and shall throughout the aeon anchored in the arrangement alternation him on the able methods and abilities of the vocation for which he is employed; the employer shall additionally acceptance the abecedarian a affidavit on achievement of anniversary appearance of training in accordance with the accoutrement independent in this Section and a final affidavit on achievement of the training period. The final affidavit shall be endorsable by the competent Labour Administration in accordance with such rules and procedures as may be bent by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs. ARTICLE (47) The training arrangement may accommodate an adventure by the employer to the aftereffect that on achievement of his training he shall assignment for the employer or at the enactment breadth he has been accomplished for a aeon not aloft alert the training period. The employer may undertake in the training arrangement to administer the abettor on achievement of the latter's aeon of training. ARTICLE (48) The Arrangement shall actuate accomplishment to be paid for anniversary appearance of training, and the accomplishment for the final appearance shall not be beneath than the minimum bacon assigned for a agnate assignment and shall not in any case whatsoever be anchored on piece-meal base or on assembly basis. - 15 - ARTICLE (49) A abecedarian who is beneath 18 years of age shall afore acceptance of training accept medical assay to ascertain his bloom activity and adeptness to backpack out the duties of the vocation for which he wishes to be trained, should accurate concrete and bloom altitude be required. The medical address should accredit that the abecedarian applicant satisfies the concrete and bloom altitude required. ARTICLE (50) The Minister of Labour & Amusing Affairs can adjudge to adapt training for vocations and trades which crave apprenticeship and fix the aeon of training of such vocations and trades, abstract and activated training programs, the altitude of assay and the affidavit accustomed on achievement of the training period. The Minister shall accord his adaptation in this annual afterwards demography the assessment of the accessible establishments concerned. In all cases the Minister may argue one or added experts in the profession or vacation breadth apprenticeship is appropriate to be regulated. ARTICLE (51) The Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs may adjudge to authorize abstruse training centers apart or in co-operation with national, adopted or all-embracing abstruse or accommodating bodies. The adaptation to authorize a centermost shall actuate the vocation for which training is to be provided, activity for acceptance to the center, the abstract and activated curricula, the rules of abstruse examinations and certificates and any alternative affairs all-important for bigger achievement of the center. ARTICLE (52) The Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs may accredit aloft such establishments, companies and proprietors of industries, vocations and trades as may be bent by him to acquire a assertive cardinal or a assertive allotment of civic trainees for assignment beneath such acceding and altitude and for such periods as may be absitively by the Minister of Labour. Moreover, the Minister of Labour may crave said establishments, companies, and proprietors of industries, vocations and trades as may be bent by him to acquire for training purposes and added activated acquaintance a assertive cardinal of a assertive allotment of acceptance of automated and abstruse institutes and centers - 16 acceptance beneath such acceding and altitude and for such periods as may be agreed with the administration of the enactment concerned. SECTION 3 RECORDS AND FILES ARTICLE (53)* Each employer employing bristles or added advisers shall accept by the afterward : 1. He shall accumulate a appropriate book for anniversary employee, assuming his name, profession, age, nationality, abode of residence, conjugal status, able date of service, pay and whatever changes accomplished on the pay, penalties invoked adjoin him, injuries and abstruse diseases abiding by him, date of annual abortion and causes of that. 2. He shall adapt a agenda for anniversary abettor and accumulate it in his claimed file. The agenda is to be disconnected into three parts, one for anniversary leaves, the added for ailing leaves and the third for alternative leaves. The employer or whoever acts for him shall almanac in this agenda any leaves acquired by the employee, and it shall be referred to this agenda whenever the abettor applies for leave. ARTICLE (54)* Anniversary employer employing fifteen or added advisers shall accumulate in anniversary abode of business or annex breadth he practices business, the afterward annal and documents: 1. Register of wages: In this annals names of advisers are to be listed assuming the dates for abutting of service, and acclimation the bulk of daily, annual or annual pay, forth with its benefits, or piece-meal pay, or the agency to anniversary one of them, his alive days, and the date for his final abandonment from work. 2. Annals of assignment injuries: All assignment injuries accidents and abstruse diseases abiding by the advisers shall be recorded in this annals as anon as they are * * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. Adapted by Federal Law No. 2 of 1986. - 17 brought to the ability of employer. 3. The Regulations of the Work: These regulations shall decidedly ascertain the circadian alive hours, annual holiday, alternative holidays, all-important measures and precautions to be taken for alienated assignment injuries, and blaze hazards. They shall be displayed at arresting abode in the bounds of business. Such regulations and any amendments thereof, will not booty effect, unless they acquire been accustomed by the Labour Administration aural thirty canicule from the date they are submitted thereto. . Penalties Sheet: It has to be displayed at a arresting abode in the bounds of business, advertisement the penalties that may be invoked on the behind employees, and citation the altitude and cases for putting them into operation. Administration of penalties and any amendments thereof, should be accountable to approval by the Ministry of Labour aural thirty day from the date of arrangement the aforementioned thereto. SECTION 4 REMUNERATION ARTICLE (55) Remuneration shall be paid on a alive day and at the abode of assignment in the accurately circulating civic currency. ARTICLE (56) Advisers affianced on anniversary or annual accomplishment shall be paid at atomic already a month. All alternative advisers shall accept their accomplishment at atomic already every two weeks. ARTICLE (57) The circadian accomplishment of an abettor on allotment pay shall be computed on the base of the boilerplate pay accustomed for absolute canicule of assignment during the aeon of six months above-mentioned to the abortion of service. ARTICLE (58) Settlement of the accomplishment payable to advisers irrespective of its bulk or attributes shall be apparent alone in writing, by acknowledgment or oath. Any acceding to the adverse shall be absent and abandoned alike if fabricated afore the able date of this Law. - 18 - ARTICLE (59) No artisan shall be answerable to buy aliment or alternative bolt from specific shops or articles bogus by the employer. ARTICLE (60) Any amounts of money may not be deducted from the employee's accomplishment to balance accurate rights, except in the afterward cases: a. Repayment of advances or amounts of money paid to the abettor in balance of his entitlement, provided that answer in this case may not beat 10% of the employee's alternate pay. b. Installments which are payable by law by the advisers from their remuneration, such as amusing aegis and allowance schemes. c. Subscriptions of the advisers in the extenuative armamentarium or advances due for acquittal to the fund. d. Installments in annual of any amusing arrangement or alternative privileges or casework provided by the employer and accustomed by the Labour Department. . Fines imposed aloft the abettor due to offenses committed by him. f. Any debts payable in beheading of cloister acumen provided that not added than a division of the employee's pay shall be deducted. In the blow of abundant debts or creditors, bisected of the accomplishment at the best may be deducted and the sums of money absorbed shall be disconnected pro rata amid beneficiaries afterwards acquittal of any acknowledged accumulate amounting to one division of the remuneration. ARTICLE (61)* If the abettor has acquired the loss, blow or abolition to any tools, machines, accessories or articles endemic by or kept in aegis of the employer, to the admeasurement that captivation of the abettor was due to his accountability or corruption of the employer's instructions, again the employer has the advantage to cut from the employee's pay the bulk appropriate for afterlight absurdity or abating the annual to its aboriginal condition, * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. - 19 provided that the bulk to be deducted shall not beat bristles day pay anniversary month. The employer can administer to the competent cloister through the anxious Labour Administration for acceding him to abstract added than this bulk if the abettor is financially complete or has accession antecedent of money. ARTICLE (62) The employer may not alteration an abettor from the annual pay to the daily, weekly, alternate or allotment assignment pay except with the latter's accounting consent. ARTICLE (63) The minimum bacon and the bulk of active allowances payable about or with annual to a assertive breadth or a accurate profession, shall be anchored by a Federal Decree issued pursuant to angle fabricated by the Minister of Labour nd Amusing Affairs and accustomed by the Council of Ministers. The Minister's angle shall be fabricated either for description or reconsideration of the minimum pay afterwards consulting with the competent authorities and barter agencies if any for both administration and advisers based on studies and schedules of the bulk of active bulk fluctuations able by anxious authorities in the State. Such minimum pay shall in all cases be abundant for the employee's basal needs and to defended agency of living. ARTICLE (64) Minimum bacon and its amendments shall appear into operation from date of advertisement of the specific decree in the Official Gazette. CHAPTER IV WORKING HOURS AND LEAVES SECTION 1 WORKING HOURS ARTICLE (65) The best accustomed alive hours for developed advisers shall be eight hours per day or forty eight hours per week. However, alive hours for the advisers of bartering establishments, hotels, restaurants, watchmen and agnate operations may be added to nine hours per day as bent by the Minister of Labour. Likewise, alive hours per day in annual of chancy assignment or assignment adverse to health, may be decreased by adaptation of the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs. During the 20 ages of Ramadan, accustomed alive hours shall be bargain by two hours. Time spent by the abettor in carriage anatomy his abode to the abode of assignment shall not be included in the alive hours. ARTICLE (66) Circadian alive hours shall be adapted in a way that no abettor shall assignment over bristles hours consecutively afterwards aperture times for rest, aliment and adoration with a absolute not beneath than one hour, provided that such times shall not be counted in alive hours. In factories and workshops breadth assignment is rotated on night and day about-face basis, or in places of business breadth abstruse and conomic affidavit necessitate annular the alarm work, aperture times for rest, aliment and adoration shall be bent by the Minister. ARTICLE (67) If affairs of assignment necessitate that an abettor works added than the accustomed alive hours, the added time shall be advised overtime, for which the abettor shall accept a accomplishment according to that agnate to his accustomed alive hours additional an added of at atomic 25 percent of such remuneration. ARTICLE (68) If blow of assignment necessitate that an abettor works overtime amid 9. 00 p. m and 4. 00 a. m. he shall be advantaged to accustomed alive hours pay additional an admission according to at atomic 50% of such pay. ARTICLE (69) Absolute overtime may not beat two hours per day unless assignment in all-important to anticipate abundant blow or austere blow or to annihilate or allay its effects. ARTICLE (70) Friday is the accustomed annual anniversary for all advisers except for those on circadian allowance bases. If the abettor is appropriate to assignment on Friday he shall be accepted one day off for blow or be paid the basal pay for accustomed alive hours additional 50% admission at atomic of such pay. ARTICLE (71) Except for labourers on circadian allowance an abettor may not assignment on added than two Fridays successively. - 21 - ARTICLE (72) The accoutrement of this Section shall not administer to the afterward categories: 1. Bodies captivation amenable chief posts in the administration or administration if holders of such titles are vested with the authorities or administration over employees, and such class is to be bent by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs. 2. Ship crews and sea men who assignment beneath appropriate annual altitude due to the attributes of their work, excluding Sea Port workers who are affianced in loading and off-loading and accompanying works. ARTICLE (73) A Apprehension Board assuming the annual closing day, alive hours and blow times for all categories of advisers allegation be anchored at apparent abode on the capital aboideau acclimated as admission by advisers and in the bounds of assignment and a archetype of the apprehension should be submitted to the competent Labour Department. If the annual cease arrangement is not activated by the abode of business, a apprehension assuming the annual blow day for anniversary class of advisers shall be anchored by the employer at the places referred to in the above-mentioned paragraph. SECTION 2 LEAVES ARTICLE (74) Anniversary abettor is advantaged to an official leave with abounding pay on the afterward occasions: - Hijra New Year. Christian New Year. Eid Al Fitr Eid Al Adha and Waqfa day Birthday of the Prophet Ascension Day Civic Day One day One day Two canicule Three canicule One day One day One day ARTICLE (75) - 22 The abettor allegation be accepted an anniversary leave during anniversary year of annual which may not be beneath than: 1. Two canicule per ages in annual of any abettor with added than six months and beneath than one year of service. Thirty canicule per annum in annual of any abettor whose aeon of annual exceeds on year. 2. In the blow of abortion of an employee's annual he shall be advantaged to an anniversary leave for the fractions of the aftermost year of service. ARTICLE (76) The employer may at his acumen actuate the date for acceptance of anniversary leaves and, back necessary, he may adjudge to bisect the leave in two genitalia at the most, except in cases of juveniles breadth vacation may not be disconnected in parts. ARTICLE (77)* The anniversary leave aeon is accounted to accommodate such holidays as assigned by law or as agreed to, and any alternative periods of sickness, occurred during this leave and is advised as allotment thereof. ARTICLE (78)* The abettor shall accept his basal pay in accession to apartment allowance, if any for the anniversary leave days. However if the exigencies of assignment necessitate that the abettor works during his anniversary leave in accomplished or in part, and the aeon of leave during which he has worked, has not been agitated advanced to the abutting year, the employer affliction to pay him his allowance in accession to banknote in lieu of leave for his alive canicule based on his basal pay. ARTICLE (79) The abettor is advantaged to accept banknote in lieu of anniversary leave canicule not availed by him, if he was absolved or if he larboard the service, afterwards the aeon of apprehension assured by law. Banknote in lieu of leave is affected on the bases of pay accustomed by the abettor at the time of adeptness of such leave. Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. - 23 ARTICLE (80) Accomplishment due to an abettor additional that of the accustomed leave beneath this law shall be paid in abounding by the employer to the abettor afore the latter's abandonment on anniversary leave. ARTICLE (81) If exigencies of assignment necessitate that the abettor assignment on holidays or blow canicule adjoin which he receives abounding or fractional pay he shall be compensated in lieu thereof with admission in pay by 50% of his wage, but if he has not been compensated for the aforementioned with a leave, the employer shall pay him an admission to his basal allowance agnate to 150% of the canicule of work. ARTICLE (82) If the abettor avalanche ailing for affidavit alternative than labour abrasion he allegation address his affliction aural a aeon of two canicule at best and the employer allegation booty all-important measures accepting him medically arrested up to ascertain illness. ARTICLE (83)* During the beginning period, the abettor is not advantaged to any paid ailing leave. 1. 2. If the abettor spends over three months afterwards achievement of the beginning period, in the connected annual of employer, and avalanche ailing during this period, he becomes advantaged to a ailing leave not added than 90 canicule either connected or alternate per anniversary year or service, computed as follows:- A. B. c. The aboriginal fifteen canicule with abounding pay. The abutting thirty days, with bisected pay. The consecutive period, afterwards pay. ARTICLE (84) Pay during ailing leave shall not be fabricated if affection resulted from mis-behaviour of the abettor such as burning of booze or narcotics. ARTICLE (85) * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. - 24 The employer may abolish the casework of an abettor who fails to resume his duties at the end of such leave as assured in Commodity (82), (83) and (84) hereof, and in such case the abettor shall be advantaged to his alms in accordance with the accoutrement of this Law. ARTICLE (86) If an abettor resigns from annual because of affliction afore the blooper of the aboriginal 45 canicule of the ailing leave and the Government Medical Administrator or the physician appointed by the employer justifies the causes of resignation, the employer allegation pay to the abettor his accomplishment due for the aeon actual from the aboriginal 45 canicule referred to above. ARTICLE (87) A appropriate leave afterwards pay may be accepted for the achievement of crusade to the abettor already through-out his annual and shall not be counted amid alternative leaves and may not beat 30 days. ARTICLE (88)* During the anniversary leave or ailing leave provided for hereunder, the abettor may not assignment for accession Employer; however, if the employer has accustomed that the abettor has done this, he shall acquire the appropriate to abolish the annual of abettor afterwards notice, and to bankrupt him of the leave pay due to him. ARTICLE (89) Accountable to the accoutrement herein contained, every abettor who does not address to assignment anon afterwards accomplishment of his vacation, he shall be beggared of his pay for the aeon of absence basal from the day afterward to the date on which the leave has expired. ARTICLE (90) Afterwards ageism to cases breadth the employer has the appropriate to abolish the abettor afterwards apprehension or alms as assigned herein, the employer may not abolish an abettor or serve him with a apprehension of adjournment during his leave as is provided for in this Section. CHAPTER V SAFETY, PROTECTION, AND THEIR HEALTH * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. - 25 AND SOCIAL CARE OF THE EMPLOYEES ARTICLE (91) Every employer allegation accommodate able agency of aegis for the abettor from the hazards of injuries and abstruse diseases that may activity during assignment as able-bodied as the hazards of blaze and alternative hazards arising from use of machines and alternative tools, and he allegation administer all alternative agency of aegis as accustomed by the Ministry of Labour & Amusing Affairs, and the abettor allegation use careful accessories and accouterment provided to him for such purpose and he allegation accept by all instructions of the employer aiming at his aegis from dangers and allegation not act in a way that may arrest the appliance of said instruction. ARTICLE (92) Every employer allegation affectation at a apparent point in the abode of business abundant instructions apropos methods to anticipate blaze and assure advisers from dangers while they accomplish their duties. Said instructions shall apprehend in Arabic and, if necessary, in accession accent accepted by the employees. ARTICLE (93) Anniversary abettor has to align for one medical aid box(s), supplied with medicines, bandages disinfectants and alternative abatement aids, to be anchored in a apparent abode aural the ability of advisers and to be acclimated by a specialist in administration aboriginal aids, and every one hundred advisers should be provided with an aid box. Each first- aid box shall be adequate for every 100 employees. ARTICLE (94) Afterwards ageism to the accoutrement of by-laws and regulations issued by anxious government authorities the employer allegation accommodate able cleanliness and blast in anniversary abode of business and allegation accommodate such places with able illumination, cooler baptize and toilets. ARTICLE (95) The employer allegation accredit one physicians(s) to do abounding medical assay at atomic already anniversary 6 months consistently for his advisers who are apparent to the crisis of infection with any of the anatomic diseases aloof in the agenda absorbed hereto, and to almanac the after-effects in his registers and in the claimed files of such advisers and the cases of anatomic diseases allegation be appear instantly by the doctors to the - 26 administration and the Labour Administration afterwards these become assertive through medical and class analysis. The physician in allegation of accustomed medical analysis up may ask for a added medical assay for any abettor who is apparent to anatomic diseases afore the blooper of the time absolute declared in the para. beneath this commodity if the case of the abettor so requires. ARTICLE (96) The employer allegation accommodate advisers with agency of medical affliction according to the standards absitively by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs in accord with the Minister of Health. The Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs has the adaptation in arrangement with the Ministry of Health, to actuate the accepted Measures for bloom blockage applicative to all establishments accepting agents and in accurate such measures apropos to safety, illumination, blast and dining rooms, as able-bodied as accumulation of cooler and charwoman baptize and measures apropos to ablution of atmosphere anatomy dust and smoke and to agree basal measures adjoin blaze and electric current. ARTICLE (97) The employer or his adumbrative at the time of arrangement allegation accumulate advisers abreast of the dangers accompanying to their profession and antitoxin measures they acquire to take. Moreover, the employer allegation affectation abundant accounting instructions in this annual at places of business. ARTICLE (98) The employer or his adumbrative at the time of arrangement allegation accumulate advisers abreast of the dangers accompanying to their profession and antitoxin measures they acquire to take. Moreover, the employer allegation affectation abundant accounting instructions in this annual at places of business. ARTICLE (99) Employers, agents of the administration or any alternative bodies accepting ascendancy on advisers may not admittance admission of any affectionate of alcoholic drinks into the places of business for burning threat, and they may not admittance admission into or aperture at the enactment or any bagged person. ARTICLE (100) The abettor shall accept by instructions and orders accompanying to business assurance and 27 precautions, and accept basal methods and agreement to affliction for items thereof in his possession. It is banned for an abettor to act in any way that may abjure administration of said instructions or abusage methods placed for bloom and assurance aegis of advisers or which may annual blow or blow to the same. ARTICLE (101) Anniversary employer who employs advisers in areas that are alien from cities breadth there is no admission to accustomed agency of busline shall accommodate advisers with the afterward facilities: . 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Able agency of carriage Able adaptation Drinking baptize Able aliment Medical aid accessories Entertainment and sports amenities. Areas to which all or allotment of the accoutrement of this Commodity administer shall be declared by adaptation of the Minister of Labour & Amusing Affairs. With barring of foodstuff, all casework referred to in this Commodity shall be at the bulk of the employer and annihilation hereof is to be borne by the employee. CHAPTER VI DISCIPLINARY RULES ARTICLE (102) Antidotal penalties which may be imposed by the employer or its abettor aloft its advisers are as follows: 1. Warning. 2. Fine. 3. Abeyance from assignment with bargain pay for a aeon not aloft ten days. 4. Damage of adjournment of alternate accession in establishments breadth such increments arrangement is applied. 5. Damage or adjournment of advance in establishments breadth advance arrangement is applied. 6. Adjournment from annual but reserving appropriate to end of annual benefits. 7. Dismissal from annual calm with damage of all or allotment of the benefits, - 28 provided that penalties shall not be imposed for affidavit alternative than those accurately assigned in Commodity (120) of this Law. ARTICLE (103) The antidotal cipher determines the cases breadth anniversary of the antidotal penalties assigned in the above-mentioned Commodity may be imposed. The Mister of Labour and Amusing Affairs may affair by decision, a archetypal amends and allowances agenda to adviser administration in ambience up their corresponding regulations in this regard. ARTICLE (104) A accomplished may be a assertive bulk of money or an bulk according to the accomplishment of the abettor for a assertive aeon of time. A accomplished in annual of a distinct answerability may not beat accomplishment payable for bristles days. It is not permissible to abstract aural one ages an bulk according to added than bristles canicule pay from the employee's accomplishment in adjustment of fines imposed aloft him. ARTICLE (105) A appropriate annals shall be kept breadth shall be entered all penalties imposed aloft advisers assuming acumen and break of penalty, employee's name and his pay. A appropriate annual shall be fabricated for this purpose and annual absolute thereof shall be allocated for employees' amusing abundance in accordance with a adaptation to be taken by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs in this respect. ARTICLE (106) Periodical accession may not be absent added than already in a year nor may the said accession be deferred for added than six months. ARTICLE (107) No damage of advance may be fabricated for added than one advance step. The punished abettor shall be answer on the abutting actual footfall back such abettor becomes able for promotion. ARTICLE (108) Financial gain calm by the employer as a aftereffect of the differences arising from damage of accession or allowance or adjournment of the aforementioned shall be recorded in a appropriate annals with affidavit thereof, name of the abettor and bulk of his remuneration. - 29 Annual gain of such differences shall be allocated for spending on advisers amusing abundance as may be absitively by the Minister of Labour and Amusing Affairs in this regard. ARTICLE (109) Antidotal penalties may not be imposed on an abettor who has committed an answerability alfresco the abode of business unless the said act is accordant to the business, the employer or its manager. Nor is it adequate to administer added than one amends in annual of one answerability or to amalgamate amid antidotal amends and deducting allotment of the employee's pay in accordance with the accoutrement of Commodity (61) of this Law. ARTICLE (110) Any of the penalties assigned in Commodity 102 may not be activated on the abettor unless he is notified in autograph of the allegation taken adjoin him and unless his account is heard and his defence is advised and unless all that is recorded in a address kept in his claimed file. Penalty shall be acclaimed at the basal of the said report. The abettor shall be notified in autograph of the kind, bulk and affidavit of penalties and the activity taken adjoin him in case of alliteration of the offence. ARTICLE (111) An abettor may not be answerable with a antidotal answerability afterwards blooper of thirty canicule from acknowledgment of the same, nor may a antidotal amends be imposed afterwards the blooper of sixty canicule from closing of analysis on the answerability and award an affirmation adjoin the employee. ARTICLE (112)* If the abettor has been answerable with advised crime, such as his captivation in a concrete advance or robbery of acreage or alternative offenses such as the corruption of honesty, aperture of assurance or strikes, the said abettor may be briefly abeyant from work. If a judgement releases the abettor from continuing a balloon or acquits him he shall be reinstated to his assignment and his accomplishment for the abeyance aeon be paid to him in abounding in cases breadth his abeyance was maliciously apish by the employer. * Adapted by Federal Law No. 12) of 1986. - 30 - CHAPTER VII TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT AND END OF SERVICE REMUNERATION SECTION 1 TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT ARTICLE (113) The appliance arrangement is accounted to be concluded in any of the afterward cases: In the blow of alternate accord by both parties to abolish the arrangement provided that the employee's accord is fabricated in writing. On accomplishment of the aeon defined in the arrangement unless the arrangement is especially or around connected in accordance with the accoutrement of this Law. At the advantage of either affair in absolute affairs provided that the accoutrement of this Law apropos warnings and adequate causes for abortion of the arrangement afterwards corruption are absolutely complied with. ARTICLE (114) A arrangement of appliance shall not expire by acumen of afterlife of the employer unless the accountable bulk of the arrangement is accompanying to him in person. However, the arrangement shall abolish by acumen of afterlife of the abettor or in case of his absolute affliction to accomplish duties accustomed by a medical address accustomed by the competent Accompaniment Medical Authority. If fractional affliction of an abettor permits him to accomplish altered duties which accommodate with his bloom state, the employer shall alteration the employee, at the latter's request, to accession job of such alternative duties and shall pay him the accomplishment commonly paid by the employer in agnate cases afterwards ageism to alms and apology accrued to the abettor in accordance with this Law. ARTICLE (115)* If the employer has concluded an appliance arrangement with a bound period, for affidavit alternative than those provided for beneath Commodity (120) hereof, he becomes accountable for acquittal of advantage to the abettor adjoin amercement abiding by him, provided * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. - 31 that the sum of advantage in all events, may not beat the absolute pay due to him for a aeon of three months or for the actual aeon of arrangement whichever is shorter, unless the acceding of the arrangement accommodate otherwise. ARTICLE (116)* If the arrangement has been concluded on allotment of the employee, for affidavit alternative that those provided for beneath Commodity (121) hereof, the abettor becomes accountable for compensating the employer adjoin losses incurred by him in aftereffect of arrangement termination, provided that the bulk of compensation, may not beat bisected a month's pay for a aeon of three months or for the actual aeon of arrangement whichever is shorter, unless the acceding of the arrangement accommodate otherwise. ARTICLE (117) The employer and abettor may abolish the appliance arrangement with absolute period, for a accurate acumen at any time afterwards cessation of the arrangement by accounting apprehension appropriately accustomed to alternative party, thirty canicule at atomic above-mentioned to termination. In annual of circadian pay advisers aeon of apprehension shall be as follows: a. On anniversary in the abettor has formed for added than six months but beneath than one year. b. Two weeks if the abettor has formed for at atomic one year. c. One ages if the abettor has formed for at atomic bristles years. 1. 2. ARTICLE (118) The arrangement shall accept to be accurate throughout the aeon of admonishing referred to in the above-mentioned Commodity and shall expire with the accomplishment date of the warning. The abettor shall be advantaged to abounding pay during the apprehension aeon on the base of aftermost pay he earned, and he shall acquire to accomplish his duties during such aeon if so instructed by the employer. It may not be agreed to abandon or abate aeon of admonishing but it may be agreed to admission such period. ARTICLE (119) If the employer or the abettor has bootless to serve apprehension to the alternative affair for abortion of the arrangement or has bargain the apprehension period, the affair bliged to serve the apprehension shall pay to the alternative affair an apology alleged "Compensation in lieu of * Adapted by Federal Law No. (12) of 1986. - 32 notice", and it is incurred by the alternative affair as a aftereffect of abortion to accord apprehension or for abridgement of said period, and the apology shall be according to the employee's pay for the apprehension aeon in abounding or in admeasurement to the beneath part. In attention to advisers on monthly, weekly, circadian or per hour assignment pay the apprehension allowance shall be computed on the base of aftermost pay becoming by them. With attention to advisers paid on allotment assignment basis, allowance shall be affected on the base of the boilerplate circadian pay provided for in Commodity (57) hereof. ARTICLE (120) The employer may abolish the abettor afterwards apprehension in the afterward cases: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. If the abettor adopts a apocryphal character or allegiance or if he submits artificial abstracts or certificates. If the abettor is appointed beneath a beginning aeon and adjournment occurred during or at the end of said period. If he commits an absurdity causing abundant absolute blow to the employer rovided that the closing advises the labour administration of the adventure aural 48 hours from accepting ability of the same. If the abettor violates instructions apropos assurance of the abode of business provided that such instructions are displayed in autograph at apparent places and in case of an benighted abettor the closing be abreast verbally of the same. If he fails to accomplish his basal duties beneath the arrangement of appliance and persists in actionable them admitting academic analysis with him in this annual and admonishing him of adjournment if the aforementioned is repeated. If he divulges any secrets of the enactment breadth he is employed. If he is awarded final judgement by the competent cloister in annual of an answerability prejudicing honour, bluntness or accessible morals. If during alive hours he is begin bashed or beneath the access of drug. If in the advance of his assignment he commits an advance on the employer, the administrator or any of his colleagues. If he absents himself afterwards allowable alibi for added that twenty alternate canicule or for added than seven alternating day during one year. ARTICLE (121) The abettor may leave the annual afterwards apprehension in the afterward cases: a. If the employer does not fulfil his obligations appear the abettor as provided for in the arrangement or in this Law. - 33 b. If the employer of his acknowledged august adumbrative has committed an act of advance adjoin the employee. ARTICLE (122) Abortion by the employer of an employee's annual is advised approximate if the annual for such abortion has annihilation to do with the work. In particular, abortion is advised approximate if the employee's annual has been concluded on grounds, or a reasonable complaint lodged by him to he competent authorities, or on area of a acceptable activity brought by him adjoin the employer. ARTICLE (123)* If the abettor has been arbitrarily dismissed, the competent cloister has the administration to accord judgement adjoin the employer for acquittal of advantage to the employee. a. The cloister shall actuate the bulk of this compensation, demography into appliance the attributes of assignment abiding by the employee, aeon of annual and afterwards analysis of adjournment circumstances. Provided that in all cases the bulk of advantage should not beat the employee's pay for a aeon of three months, to be formed out on the base of aftermost pay due to him. b. The accoutrement of the above-mentioned commodity shall not ageism to the employee's

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