Unit V Assignment Instructions Case Analysis Determine whether assertive arrangement remedies abide in the afterward scenario: Forrest Gump is a acclaimed table tennis player. He enters into a arrangement with Alabama Sports Business to acquaint the latest ping pong bold and to serve as the computer-generated adumbration (CGI) archetypal for the development of the video game. Gump is absolute for this job as there are not abounding apple acclaimed ping pong players who accept a afterward agnate to his. The bold is set to alpha development on March 1 and will be completed on July 31, so the bold can be appear at Thanksgiving—a above video bold absolution period. Both parties accept agreed and assured to the actuality that the bold charge be completed on time to aerate the profits. Gump will accomplish 20% of the net gain from the sales of the game. In addition, the arrangement has a asleep amercement article that indicates that if Gump does not participate in the marketing, does not serve as the CGI model, or breaches the arrangement in any way, he will owe Alabama Sports Business $2 million. Based on this actuality arrangement and the advice presented in this unit, acknowledgment the afterward questions in a minimum of 250 words each. One day, Gump gets into an altercation with the developer. Gump refuses to accomplish any assignment until the botheration is solved. In this situation, can Alabama Sports Business seek specific achievement of the contract? If yes, why? If no, why not? How would the cloister actuate whether the asleep amercement article is valid? Is this article valid? Explain your answers. Cite any absolute quotes or paraphrased actual from alfresco sources. Use APA format.

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