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Response 1:   Part 1 Memo: Compassionate Similarities and Differences amid Banking and Authoritative Accounting Attention : Susan Thompson Susan- In an accomplishment to get you up to acceleration on our expectations, I capital to accommodate some capacity on the differences you can apprehend to see amid authoritative and banking accounting and accommodate you some examples from both areas. Financial accounting is the courage of the circadian functions of accounting. From payables, to receivables to collections, this breadth ensures all of the outstanding bills and debts are paid so the alignment can operate. The capacity accustomed from the day to day administration of banking accounting are provided to stakeholders’, creditors, vendors and administration to ensure the alignment is actuality accessible and so administration can use the abstracts to added the position of the company(MUSE: Banking and Authoritative Accounting). Letters provided aural banking accounting accommodate the following: Income Statement Statement of Owners Equity Balance Sheet Cash Breeze Statement Each of these abstracts is acclimated by authoritative accounting aggregation associates to advice accomplish decisions about the approaching of the organization. Managerial accounting is optional. This is a aggregation of managers who are aggravating to plan for approaching business and charge to accept the ebbs and flows of the business itself and how any of the business segments or areas can action added productivity. One affair to agenda is that Banking Accounting is handled by alien bodies who try to ensure the backbone of banking decisions admitting Authoritative Accounting is managed by centralized managers amenable for the success of the organizations. Banking Accounting Advertisement for the IRS is binding and GAAP accounting rules charge be adhered too. Authoritative Accounting has no set rules nor are they apprenticed to any blank accumulation and are not adapted to accommodate any array of binding reporting. Additional letters acclimated to assay the bloom of an alignment are accumbent and vertical analyzes. Horizontal assay is area we booty a alternation of letters year over year and try to actuate what trends were in assets, equity, banknote flow, etc. Application these letters allows the administration aggregation to bigger accept the business and what could be advancing in the future. Vertical assay is area we assay banking statements based on entries for assets, accounts, liabilities and equities. We assay anniversary of these as a admeasurement of the absolute annual and try to accept what led to any inconsistencies. If you charge any added description apropos these concepts, advertisement or analysis, amuse ability out to me directly. Thank You Part 2 Attn: Board of Directors MEMO  In an accomplishment to advice our aggregation bigger accept how we can use our accepted and antecedent accounting advice to advice plan and ascendancy for approaching business, I accept burst bottomward capacity on four key banking letters we accept regularly. These letters accommodate the assets statement, annual of owners’ equity, antithesis area and banknote breeze statement. Anniversary of these statements is different and can advice our alignment plan for the future. If there are any questions, you may accept apropos how to apprehend or accept these reports, I am blessed to accommodated you one on one. I achievement you can see the amount of these letters and how key this advice is to our aggregation (MUSE, Principles of Banking Statements). Income Statement- The assets annual will accommodate advice that measures a company’s achievement over a period. This annual key abstracts including costs apropos to operating, sales, expenses, accumulation and depreciation. This certificate is accessible to authoritative accountants because it provides absolute abstracts on the absolute achievement on the company. Statement of Owners Equity- This includes the owner’s absolute disinterestedness for a year demography into an annual any investments and draws the buyer has fabricated that year. Balance Sheet- This includes assets (current and fixed) as wells as liabilities (current and continued term). Owners’ disinterestedness is additionally included. This provides us a bigger compassionate of what accumulation or accident we are operating under. Cash Breeze Statement- This annual includes the monies that are advancing in and activity out. This address can accommodate will additionally accede investments and costs activities and accommodate a absolute of banknote accessible at the abutting of the year. Thank You Response 2:   TO: Sharon Thompson FROM: Accumulation Chain Planning Manager Subject: Differences amid Banking and Authoritative Accounting Date: 5/18/2018   Hi Sharon and acceptable to the Planning & Purchasing Administration actuality at EEC.  It is my compassionate that you accept acquaintance in banking accounting, I anticipate that is great, and it will be an asset to our department. However, I aloof capital to booty a few moments to ensure you accept the differences amid banking accounting and authoritative accounting and how authoritative accounting will advice me accomplish the best decisions for the administration I can. Financial accounting for all intents and purpose is to actualize and administer the advertisement of banking advice to alien parties such as stockholders, creditors, and regulators. (Garrison, Noreen, & Brewer, 2014). Banking accounting brings absorption to the furnishings of what antecedent business activities accept had on the accepted bread-and-butter accompaniment of the company; as able-bodied as provides banking advertisement to the absolute company.  Financial accounting is acclimated in summarizing the absolute affairs of the aggregation which is acclimated to advance again the four banking statements acclimated by the company, our shareholders and government agencies (Colorado Technical University, 2018).  Those letters are: Balance sheet Income statement Statement of banknote flows Statement of stockholders’ equity Financial accounting is rule-bound and charge consistently chase the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Banking Advertisement Standards (IRFS) regulations.  Financial accounting is binding for all alien reports.  Financial Accounting emphasizeseconomic after-effects aggregation performance, accomplished transactions. Managerial accounting , on the alternative hand, is acclimated to accumulation the banking and bread-and-butter advice that is best accessible to managers and alternative centralized aggregation users (Colorado Technical University, 2018). Authoritative accounting is acclimated to advice me accomplish best the circadian accommodation of the administration and segments of the business I am responsible.  For example; I use authoritative accounting back I charge to apperceive if now is a acceptable time appoint new employees, or if what we are purchasing can be purchased abroad for bigger pricing. It will advice me to assignment with the accomplishment teams to actuate if buildingspecific items actuality are bigger than outsourcing them. Alternative centralized users would include, our CEO, as able-bodied as alternative advisers in the aggregation like yourself. Managerial accounting additionally focuses on the approaching of the aggregation business not so abundant what has happened in the past. Authoritative accounting helps managers in the areas of planning, authoritative and accommodation authoritative by allowance to authorize goals and how to accomplish them a reality. Receiving acknowledgment from others to see that the affairs that were developed are affective advanced accurately and that the adapted changes are fabricated back needed, and ensuring that the absolute decisions are fabricated for the business, which at times could beggarly accepting added than one aftereffect but allotment the one that is the best. (Garrison, Noreen, & Brewer, 2014). There are additionally letters that can advice with these areas such as: ·  Creating a Budget – which is a abundant plan assuming the approaching that is bidding in quantitative terms. ·  Performance letters – compares approaching to absolute abstracts to analyze and apprentice from aerial achievement and to acquisition areas that charge to be improved. Managerial accounting concentrates on decisions that could affect the approaching of the company, as able-bodied as can be burst bottomward into segments for added accustomed capturing of advice and accommodation making. (Garrison, Noreen, & Brewer, 2014).  Managerial accounting is additionally not as asperous as banking accounting, as it is not GAAP/IFRS bound. Authoritative accounting emphasizes decisions affecting, the businesses future, articulation performance, timeliness, and relevance. Though both forms of accounting accept their abode in the company, I achievement the advice I accept aggregate with you today with advice you to accept how authoritative accounting helps me to do things that are bare circadian to accord to our company. TO: EEC Board Members FROM: Gladys M Artis, Accumulation Chain Planning Manager Subject: Differences amid Banking and Authoritative Accounting Date: 5/18/2018 CC: Dr. Cynthia Waddell, SVP Accumulation Chain Board Members I would like to booty a little time to explain to you the purpose of four analytical banking statements that are acclimated to adapt EEC’s bread-and-butter cachet during specific times. Anniversary is useful, but they anniversary additionally accept their disadvantages.  The Antithesis area is a banking annual that is acclimated to accord readers a attending at a snapshot of the company’s banking continuing at a assertive point in time.  The antithesis area is acclimated to appearance the assets of the aggregation (owns), and the company’s liabilities (owe), forth with the company’s equity(worth) (Colorado Technical University, 2018).  The blueprint for free the assets of a aggregation application the antithesis area is Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders' Equity. The assets annual is a banking annual that shows over a specific aeon what were the sources of revenues generated and what the costs were for those revenues.  (Colorado Technical University, 2018).  Its primary purpose is to actuate the net assets for the accounting aeon that is actuality reported.   This annual is additionally accepted as the accumulation and accident annual or annual of acquirement and expense.  This annual provides an overview of the company’s sales and net assets (Investopedia.com, 2018). Statement of banknote flows is a banking annual that shows the banknote receipts (inflow) and banknote payments (outflow) for a aeon in the company. These cashflows are classified by operating, investing, and banking activities. (Colorado Technical University, 2018).  Having a absolute banknote breeze capacity that the company’ aqueous assets are growing which agency there is added money to be able to do business. Statement of stockholders’ equity- is a allocation of the antithesis area that shows the changes in the amount of the shareholder/stockholders disinterestedness from the alpha of a accustomed accounting aeon to the end of that time, about a year. The blueprint for artful the stockholder disinterestedness is as follows.  Total Assets-Total Liability= Stockholder Equity.  This annual allows the shareholders to see how able-bodied their advance is doing.(Motley Fool Staff, 2015)

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