U.S. Healthcare Trends Forecasting Report

  You are the anew appointed administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). With healthcare costs continuing to soar, the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) rollout and Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement Plan in place, and the accessible changes of the Affordable Affliction Act in progress, you are confronted with abeyant increases in payments for Medicare and Medicaid programs. You are aggravating to accept how to best adapt the bureau for the changes so that the ability of healthcare commitment is not compromised. As a courtesy, the Administrator for the Administration on Aging continues to accelerate you abstracts about the predicted acceleration in the cardinal of earlier bodies and those with disabilities. Abstracts is additionally beatific on the forecasted needs of such bodies for absolute care, not aloof astute care. Create a trends anticipation analogue the accessible changes (trends) that may affect ability and commitment in primary, secondary, and tertiary affliction in the U.S. healthcare commitment arrangement over the abutting 10 years. The trends anticipation should be in the anatomy of a abode acclimated by such agencies as CMS, OIG, DHHS and accommodate a Table of Contents, Introduction/Background, Appendices (if applicable), Executive Summary, Charts/Graphs (if applicable), and References. Be abiding to accommodate at atomic 5 references (e.g., government websites or bookish articles) and adduce your sources application APA format. Your trends anticipation should accommodate (at a minimum, but not bound to) the belief below: Outline the organizations and institutions that bear affliction beyond the continuum including primary, secondary, and tertiary affliction providers that will be impacted over the abutting 10 years by changes in the U.S healthcare commitment system. Appraise and call how able-bodied primary, accessory and tertiary affliction providers bear affliction to patients application bactericide medicine, based on the accepted altitude in healthcare. Detail the appulse of the alteration customer demographics will accept on abiding care. Explain how this focus will appulse providers operationally. Detail how CMS can apprehend accessories to focus on affection and outcomes apropos to abiding care, based on the statistics from the Administrator of Administration on Aging. Describe how these changes will appulse the commitment of abiding care. Explain what behavior you would advance and/or accede application as the Administrator of CMS to abode the predicted changes. Detail what authoritative measures you would actualize and/or accomplish as the Administrator of CMS to abode the predicted changes. Detail what added abiding strategies you would accompany to accomplish civic assets accommodated the nation's charge for abiding care.

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