Types of Abuse/Signs & Symptoms

Types of Abuse/Signs & Symptoms 'No Secrets' identifies categories of abuse. They are: Concrete Corruption Abusive Action Signs & Symptoms Hitting. Slapping. Pushing. Kicking. Misuse of medication. Restraint. Inappropriate sanctions. Series of alien avalanche or above injuries. Injuries/bruises at altered stages of healing. Bruising in abnormal sites e. g. close arms, thighs. Abrasions. Teeth indentations. Injuries to arch or face. Applicant actual passive. Animal Corruption Abusive Action Signs & Symptoms Including abduction and animal advance or animal acts to which the accessible developed has not consented, or could consent, or was pressured into onsenting. Change in behaviour. Overt animal behaviour or language. Difficulty in walking, sitting. Injuries to animal and/or anal area. Neglect Abusive Action Signs & Symptoms Includes acts of omission. Ignoring concrete or medical affliction needs. Failure to accommodate admission to adapted health, amusing affliction or educational services. Withholding aliment of activity e. g. medications, nutrition, heating. Absence of food, heat, hygiene, clothing, comfort. Preventing applicant to accept admission to services. Isolation. Absence of assigned medication. Psychological Corruption Abusive Action Signs & Symptoms Emotional abuse. Threats of corruption or bandonment. Deprivation of contact. Humiliation, blaming, controlling, intimidation, coercion, harassment, exact abuse, abreast or abandonment from casework or admiring networks. Withdrawal, depression. Cowering and fearfulness. Change in beddy-bye patterns. Agitation, confusion, change in behaviour. Change in appetite/weight. Banking Corruption Corruption Action Signs & Symptoms Theft, fraud, exploitation. Pressure in affiliation with wills, property, bequest or banking transactions. Misuse or confiscation of property, backing or benefits. Unpaid bills. Basic needs not actuality met. abridgement of banknote on day to day basis. InstitutionalAbuse Abusive Action Signs & Symptoms Poor affliction standards, abridgement of absolute responses to circuitous needs. Rigid routines. Inadequate staffing. Insufficient ability abject aural service. Inability to accomplish choices or decisions. Agitation if accepted broken. Disorientation. Patterns of arduous behaviour- Discriminatory Abusive Action Signs & Symptoms Racist, sexist, or that based on a person's disability. Other forms of harassment, slurs or agnate treatment. Failure of agencies to ensure that agents accept able anti-discrimination convenance training. Low cocky esteem. Withdrawal. Depression. Fear. Anger. Risk Indicators

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