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  Week 2 - Assignment Intentional Learning [CLOs: 1, 2] Your primary goals for this appointment are to explain the abstraction of learning, what it agency to be an advised learner, and analyze how you accept been application your Acquirements Patterns in accustomed situations, alike back you may not accept been acquainted of them. Directions: In a 4-paragraph article that is two to three pages in length, abode the following: Paragraph 1 (Introduction): Your book defines acquirements as, “Taking in the apple about you through your senses, authoritative faculty of it, and responding appropriately.” In your own words, explain what this means. Then, because the ambition of this advance is to advice you become added intentional, call what it agency to be an advised learner. Consider what you’ve apprehend in Chapters 1 and 2 as you codify your response. Paragraph 2: Now that you’ve explained what it agency to be an advised learner, analyze two examples from your activity (personal, professional, or academic) and call how you approached them with intention. Paragraph 3: Share your LCI array and akin of use for anniversary Acquirements Pattern. Do you feel the after-effects accurately reflect your thoughts, feelings, and accomplishments for anniversary Pattern? Explain why or why not. Review the tables 2.1-2.4 in Chapter 2 for descriptions of anniversary Pattern. Paragraph 4 (Conclusion): We use our Acquirements Patterns in all areas of our life. Call how accepting an acquaintance of your Acquirements Patterns can advice you in anniversary of the afterward areas: at home, in school, and at work. Academic assignments about accept formatting requirements. For this assignment, it is appropriate that your appointment is bifold spaced and accounting application Times New Roman 12-point font. Submit the final abstract to Waypoint as a Microsoft Word document.    my LCI ..... sequece 29, absolute 25, abstruse 17, allied 22

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