Two page paper on Dan Crenshaw

Choose one US Senator or US Adumbrative from your bounded accompaniment and address a address on a political position he or she supports. Your apriorism will accede or disagree with his political stance. Proper grammar and spelling are required.  Papers charge accommodate a awning page, at atomic two-four abounding pages of content, and a bibliography.  All sources charge be legit, academic, or associate advised sources. This agency best websites (Wikipedia,, and agnate websites) are disqualified.  If you can't analyze an columnist and date that's a acceptable assurance that the antecedent needs to be anxiously evaluated and, best likely, not used. The UMUC online databases are recommended as a way to acquisition acceptable bookish sources, decidedly account articles. One antecedent charge be listed as an annotated bibliography.  Choose a Senator or agent you would like to profile. Acquisition online sources for advice about the politician, including the official website of their campaign. Based on these sources, outline Choose  some of the bullets beneath to advice you get started. Discuss the Senator's background, education, beliefs, adoration and antecedent career. Consider the Senator’s basal political ideology.  Electoral history. Should awning the Senator’s position in congress, including board and subcommittee assignments. consider the Senator’s role/status in the civic party.  Position on at atomic four above issues, such as immigration, the environment, activity policy, average eastern policy, civic aegis and the economy. Should accede the demographics of his/her accompaniment and authenticate how the interests of those demographic groups are reflected in the Senators voting patterns. Consider the Senator’s voting almanac in Assembly and amount of Absenteeism. You are acceptable to acquaintance your Senator if you wish. If you do, they should be cited as a antecedent in your paper. Use the afterward guidelines: 1) The cardboard should be at atomic two-four pages continued (not including the cover-age and references folio – MLA or APA format). The address should be double-spaced and accommodate actual citations as able-bodied as a bibliography of sources used. One-inch margins and 12 Times New Roman 2) Choose a US Senator or US Adumbrative you would like to contour from your home state. 3) Determine his or chastening position on a key affair (Capital Punishment, Gun Control, Abortion, etcetera.…) 4) Address a third being cardboard acknowledging or not acknowledging the key issue. Actualize a apriorism statement. (Avoid application I phrases). Provide three acknowledging or agitation ideas. Provide a adverse argument. (find a senator/ adumbrative with adverse view) 5) Actualize an outline. 6) Gather sources and actualize an annotated bibliography.  7) We will assignment on this address in phases, amuse see beneath for dates.

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