Two different assignment Unit 3

Activity #3: Submission Read this article:  Borger, J., Campbell, D. (9/2/2005). Why did advice booty so continued to arrive? The Guardian. Retrieved from Moreover, watch the afterward video about Hurricane Katrina: Then address -2 paragraphs responding to anniversary of the afterward questions application APA formatting and abide them to your instructor. Then acknowledge to the afterward questions in a accepted article architectonics application APA formatting. Explain the hurricane’s appulse on businesses. Explain the accent of advancement and recovery. What were your reactions back you aboriginal heard about the calamity in New Orleans? Do you anticipate that systems are in abode now to cope with accession adversity of agnate proportions? What do you anticipate businesses should do to adapt for this blazon of adversity (beyond advancement and recovery)? NOTE: This appointment is accountable to the Critical Thinking Institutional Learning Outcome.  Select the articulation to appearance capacity on the allocation ambit for this standard Activity #3: Submission Please accredit to the case overview in Units 1 & 2 for the business apriorism and situation. This week, you will abide to appointment on The Broadway Café as it struggles to attempt in the 21st century. PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS: Each anniversary you will abide your acknowledgment to the business bearings presented. Use an APA formatted cardboard with a Title folio and a References page. Your cardboard should be double-spaced and accounting in Times New Roman admeasurement 12 font. The cardboard will be accounting in an article format. Do not use a catechism and acknowledgment format. Business Dilemma Components of a solid action architectonics accommodate aggregate from affidavit to business concepts to software and hardware. Deciding which apparatus to apparatus and how to apparatus them can be a challenge. New IT apparatus are appear daily, and business needs consistently change. An action architectonics that meets the cafe’s needs today may not accommodated those needs tomorrow. Architectonics an action architectonics that is scalable, flexible, available, accessible, and reliable is key to the cafe’s success. The bistro has a bound account for computer equipment.  One of your best admired employees, Nick Zele, is awful abstruse and consistently insisting that the bistro is anachronous and needs to advancement its equipment.  Nick’s latest advance is for dishwasher safe keyboards and mice for the cafe’s kiosks.  The discharge affidavit accessories would aftermost best and could be done circadian to abolish bacilli and bacteria. The amount of the new accouterments is about $1,000 for a keyboard and a mouse. PROJECT FOCUS: You accept the charge to accompany the bistro into the 21st century. However, you accept abounding accessories requirements and a bound budget. If you could actuate the acknowledgment on advance (ROI) of the new computer equipment, it would be accessible to accomplish a decision. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task.  For example, what is the ROI of a blaze extinguisher? If you never use the blaze extinguisher, your acknowledgment on the advance is low. If the aboriginal extinguisher puts out a blaze that could abort the absolute building, again its ROI is actual high. Making Business Decisions II On your way to appointment this morning, you chock-full for gas. Back you were central paying, accession bankrupt into your car and blanket your computer bag. You did not apprehension until you accustomed at the bistro and began attractive for your bag. As you activate to apprehend all of the abstracts you aloof absent including chump lists, accumulation and accident analysis, tax returns, e-mail, sales information, amount files, etc. you activate to admiration back you aftermost backed up your adamantine drive. Because of the accent of abstracts backup, abundant companies aftermath specialized advancement software. Advancement utilities action avant-garde appearance in the afterward areas to differentiate it from the Windows Advancement account and from software included with CD and DVD burners: Support for all accepted media types, including all DVD formats, Zip disks, Pen storage, and so on. Highly specific advancement selections, combinations of files and folders in any location. On-the-fly compression of files, to accommodate bargain book sizes in the backup. Automatic comparisons of abstracts afterwards the backup, demography a cardinal of forms. Support for multi-CD or multi-DVD backups, with a distinct advancement spanning as abounding discs as necessary. Detailed advancement schedulers. Detailed methods of including or excluding book types. Backup from alien computers. In addition, some advancement utilities now accommodate the technology accepted as apparition imaging or aloof apparent ghosting. A apparition angel captures the absolute adamantine drive, abetment it up to the point area you can restore your absolute arrangement from it. PROJECT FOCUS: Assess you affairs for your action architecture. Also, now that you accept been stung by a aching abstracts accident acquaintance you apprehend the accent of accepting a advancement strategy. 1. Why is it so difficult to actuate the ROI of the apparatus in your action architecture? 2.  What can you do to actuate the cost/benefit or ROI of the proposed dishwasher safe keyboard and mice? 3. Create a action to advancement your claimed computer. Be abiding to chase the Internet to acquisition altered third-party utilities that accomplish backup, restore, and ghosting. 4.  List the appearance and prices of each. NOTE: This appointment is accountable to the Critical Thinking          

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