Two Cause and Effect; Evaluate Their Logic

Ciearra Black November 4 2010 I anticipation that the book Jim Thorpe, was a acceptable book. I anticipation that it was acceptable that the capital appearance Jim Thorpe was in the Olympics because it kept him fit. It additionally was not acceptable for the Olympics to booty Jim’s trophies abroad because he did not deserve it. But I anticipation the end of the book was acceptable because he became the best abecedarian in the world. It was acceptable that Jim was in the Olympics because it kept him fit. He was an alive man I acquaint you. He was an able in all of these sports baseball, football, wrestling, acreage and track, boxing, golfing, swimming, and shooting. He was consistently active and backward in several altered sports. Additionally Mr. Thrope was able-bodied at all sports he played in. The Olympics took abroad Jim’s trophies abroad because in the summer he arena baseball for fun and the drillmaster told him they would accord him fifteen dollars a anniversary for arena and he anticipation able-bodied fifteen bucks can get me article to eat so he took the money and after on the Olympics took his trophies for the simple actuality that Jim had abandoned the abecedarian cipher of the Olympics. I didn’t like that they did that because that’s aloof artificial and they offered him the money so yeah he’s activity to booty it. Plus he bare the money to eat for the anniversary and being so he adapted to accept the money. I admired that he became the best abecedarian in the world, at the end of the book. He became the best abecedarian in the apple because he was acceptable in so abounding sports and won so abounding trophies. He was accepted worldwide. He was accepted common because he was a able abecedarian and he was so able-bodied accepted that he played baseball, football, he swam, wrestling, golfed, boxing, and affluence added also. The book, Jim Thorpe, was actual absorbing I thought. It was absorbing because he consistently did added than one action and all the sports he did participate he was amazing in all of them. He was amazing at what he did. Everybody admired the way he played his sports.

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