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Check, Please! Bay Area is a bounded TV program, which reviews bounded restaurants. During anniversary episode, three guests acquaint their admired restaurants to the television audience. Anniversary bedfellow additionally has to analysis the alternative two restaurants that are actuality featured on the show. Together with the host, the three guests accumulate about a table and allocution about their experiences. The host of the show, Leslie Sbrocco, who has albino beard and wore a amber suit, talked throughout the affairs with a balmy smile on her lips. Her guests were two guys, mark and Modesto, and a lady, Rachel. Mark is about thirty and a adolescence worker. Maybe because of his job, he has a abundant faculty of amusement and was the best absorbing being on the show. His bark is amber and his anatomy is big, which fabricated him attending like a huge but nice potato. His admired restaurant is New Kapadokia, a Turkish restaurant. Modesto looks earlier than Mark and lives in San Francisco. His admired restaurant, Aperto, is additionally amid in the city. Modesto looks amiable and kind. He had atramentous and gray beard and wore glasses. The aftermost guest, Rachel, is an art director. She is additionally a albino and wore a dejected sweater. Rachel dressed affectionate of alluringly and brand affected restaurants. The restaurant she preferred, Massa’s, was predictably big-ticket and formal. The allowance area the four of them sat looked like a dining room. In the centermost of the allowance was a ample table on which set four glasses of wine. On alternative words, the host and guests sat about the table as if they were old accompany accepting banquet and chatting in a adequate dining room. The aboriginal restaurant they talked about was New Kapadokia, which was awful recommended by Mark. Mark lived in Turkey as a jailbait and has admirable memories of Turkish food. He told Leslie Sbrocco and alternative two guests that the aboriginal time he dined at New Kapadokia it was adulation at aboriginal sight. The restaurant, whose name comes from a absolute arena of Turkey, is amid in Redwood City. It is a average sized restaurant with French windows, white table cloths and adequate board chairs. Turkish pictures adorn the bright-yellow walls and accomplish the ambiance audibly exotic. The dishes are 18-carat Turkish appearance cuisine, according to Mark. Executive Chef, Meral Guvenc, has several signature dishes, which accommodate kebabs, blimp eggplant and one accurate appetizer hat looks like a bounce roll. Mark declared the bearings back he had aboriginal tasted this appetizer. “While my wife talked,” he said, “I aloof formed them into my mouth. ” Everyone laughed. During the meal, a few cups of aged tea were acclimated to animate the meal. The Turkish tea is served in baby Turkish glasses and presented on agleam assumption trays. Finally, the alternative two guests gave restaurant a acceptable review. Back the area is unpretentious, bodies can allow it and still accept a admirable dining experience. The additional restaurant was Aperto, which has been at the aforementioned area in San Francisco for 60 years. Similar in admeasurement to New Kapadokia, it is average sized with twenty tables and French windows forth the sidewalk ancillary of the restaurant. The tables and chairs are of wood. The restaurant was actual artlessly busy but still looks accurate and pleasant. The cuisine is Italian, and all the aliment is able with bounded Bay Area ingredients. The signature dishes of Executive Chef, Laura Guagliano-Montiel, are taglioline pepati, broiled craven and butternut annihilate ravioli. There are additionally appropriate recommendations from the chef everyday. Modesto said, “They are consistently different, but the appropriate are consistently absolutely special. The restaurant served alone wine and beer,, and Rachel said that she and her bedmate were aghast with the meal. However, the guys still anticipation it was a nice abode to adhere out with accompany or to accept a accidental meal with a ancestors back the amount is reasonable and the restaurant attracts accessible and affable people. All in all, it is an affordable adjacency restaurant. The aftermost restaurant was Masa’s, the one recommended by Rachel and, of the three restaurants featured on this accurate program, the best elegant. Like Aperto, Masa’s is additionally a San Francisco restaurant. It is additionally a average sizes restaurant but with no windows. All the ablaze comes from the red-covered lamps blind from the ceiling, which according to Rachel, are Masa’s best accomplished decorations. The ablaze is soft, with huge dark-red reflections on the floor. This lighting gives the restaurant a aces and somewhat abstruse atmosphere. The aphotic black walls are busy with simple-style pictures, chestnut statues and light-colored curtains, which actualize a admirable adverse to the blow of the room’s abysmal richness. The cuisine offered by Masa’s is actual abreast French. Every beforehand is somewhat dispersed but actual delicious. A actual all-encompassing wine account provides to the chance in dining. Banquet at Masa’s is a adventure to elegance. Mark said that he was afraid throughout the dinner. The prices are absolutely high, but the service, the food, and the ambient are exceptional. There are alike clandestine dining rooms. Rachel alleged it a aces best dinging experience. Generally speaking, this restaurant is big-ticket but archetypal and wonderful. If a academic banquet is bare or, if bodies appetite to try the acceptable service, Masa’s is a acceptable choice. Of the three restaurants featured on this accurate chance of Check Please, New Kapadokia seems to be the best choice. It showcases casual-style dining at affordable prices for both cafeteria and dinner. Aperto and Masa’s additionally attending like accomplished choices, abnormally for bodies who alive in the city. The reviews larboard by the admirers who had been to these restaurants gave New Kapadokia the best support, so it is apparently a acceptable abstraction to go there aboriginal if you appetite a new dining experience. Some of the bodies said that the airing of Check Please, the restaurant become overcrowded, maybe it’s a acceptable abstraction to accomplish your catch able-bodied in advance.

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