Turkey Point: More Questions Than Answers?

  Turkey Point: More Questions Than Answers? The Turkey Point nuclear ability base was congenital in 1972 by Florida Ability & Light Corporation on the bank of Biscayne Bay about 25 afar south of City Miami. It is the better electrical ability breeding base in Florida and the sixth better in the United States. FPL has activated to the State of Florida's Public Service Commission and to the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to body two added reactors on this site. Read the afterward accessories for aback accomplishments above-mentioned to accommodating in this Forum. Eye on Miami: Time to Replace the Failed Cooling Canal System at Turkey Point Nuclear Plant with Conventional Cooling Towers Now FPL Wins Fight to Store Radioactive Waste Under Miami's Drinking Water FPL's page: Turkey Point 6 & 7 - the proposed, new reactors for the site FPL's page: Turkey Point Facts FPL Postpones Nuclear Plant Expansion For Now. Turkey Point Nuclear Plant On Way To Expansion. But Will It Survive A Changing Industry A. As addition who lives and votes in South Florida (if you don't alive in South Florida, brainstorm that you alive and assignment in city Miami - 25 afar abroad from Turkey Point as the Turkey Vulture glides), you will actualize a account of six (6) questions in rank adjustment of accent to you about FPL's nuclear ability operations. For anniversary question, briefly (at atomic two complete sentences) explain why it is important that you get an acknowledgment to this catechism - now! Use the afterward architecture : Question 1: Reason 1: Question 2: Reason 2: Question 3:  Reason 3: Question 4:  Reason 4:  Question 5:  Reason 5: Question 6:  Reason 6:    

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