Trifles Questions

This is a 6 catechism appointment and I am adhering the paperwork for the questions.    ENG 209.04: Introduction to Literature SUMMER 2020: FINAL EXAMINATION ANSWER ALL SIX QUESTIONS. ALL THE QUESTIONS ARE BASED ON YOUR READING OF SUSAN GLASPELL’S PLAY, Trifles. Answer the questions as absolutely as you can align the evidence. 1. The chat “trifles” agency “trivial; of little value; insignificant.  (a) Name the appearance that uses this chat (trifle) at the alpha of the drama.  What prompts him to say so? (b) Given what happens in the play, why is the chat acrid back acclimated as appellation of the play? 2. What is the Attorney and the Sheriff aggravating to investigate? Why do you anticipate the analysis fails in the end? 3. According to the two women in the play, what things did Mrs. Wright adulation to do back she was adolescent and unmarried? Why has this afflicted back she affiliated Mr. Wright? 4. What is it that angers the two women about the men in this investigation?  5. How abounding things do the women “discover” in the kitchen?  Why do they adumbrate from the men what they accept apparent ? 6. If Mr. Wright dead the bird, why do you anticipate he did so?  ************************ DUE: Saturday June 20, 2020. 11 p.m. ( This is an addendum of the aboriginal deadline.)  NOTE: NO ESSAY in this exam.

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