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Instructions The Nurse as Advocate In a Microsoft Word certificate of 5-6 pages formatted in APA style, you will call the advancement process. Whether nurses are advocating for their patients, bloom care, and/or behavior that advance people’s lives, the advancement processes accept commonalities that transcend the accountable of their advocacy. There are additionally differences, although these differences may be added nuanced than obvious. Review the afterward capacity from your advance textbook: Taking Action: Nurse, Educator, and Legislator: My Journey to the Delaware Senate Taking Action: A Nurse in the Board Room Respond to the afterward questions based on your readings: 1. Call what you accept to be the drivers for anniversary of the alone advocates. 2.What factors led the individuals to become advocates? 3.Discuss the challenges that anniversary of the individuals articular in their writings. 4. Analyze these drivers and challenges and analyze them with your own acquaintance to date as an advocate. 5. In what means do you accept you can aggrandize your advancement abilities aural the abutting bristles years? On a abstracted advertence page, adduce all sources application APA format. Please agenda that the appellation and advertence pages should not be included in the absolute folio calculation of your paper. Use this APA Citation Helper as a acceptable advertence for appropriately citation resources. This advertisement will accommodate you the capacity of formatting your article application APA style. You may actualize your article in this APA-formatted template.

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