Tremaine Neverson

“Success can be a alarming drug. It absolutely changes bodies and it can booty you to addition apple if you acquiesce it to. ” These are acclaimed words anatomy accepted singer, songwriter and activist Tremaine Aldon Neverson. Born November 28, 1984, Tremaine is additionally accepted as Trey Songz. Searching for himself, he acquired a adulation for music and began singing at the age 14. At the age of 15, he met a ambassador by the name of Troy Taylor, whom started his skyrocketing success as a singer. In 2003, he appear his aboriginal album, and again began autograph music for alternative artists. He has bristles altered albums in which he considers to booty his admirers on bristles altered journeys of his life. From BET to Grammy awards, Trey Songz is added than aloof an artist. He has acclimated his allowance of music as the ablution pad to assorted altruistic and ambitious endeavors such as the “Angels with Heart Foundation” and the “Songz for Peace Foundation. ” Through his “Angels with Heart Foundation,” Trey encourages to accord aback and to accept a absolute appulse in their association through association account with bounded charities and accidental acts of kindness. Through his “Songz for Peace Foundation” he aims to barrier the abandon in youth. I adore Trey’s adherence to music. It is article he loves and he consistently pleases his fans. He is additionally announcement absolute letters through anniversary of his foundations. As an artist, he’s alone answerable to bear music and videos to his fans, but he does so abundant added for us. I am all for association account and giving aback to the community, so aloof for that I adore him. To acquisition addition who satisfies your aftertaste in music and your aftertaste in activism agency a lot to me as a fan and a adolescent adult. In closing, I would like to address this appropriate accolade to Tremaine Neverson on this actual appropriate day, Happy Birthday Trey!

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