Treating and preventing PTSD

Consider the afterward vignette for this week’s discussion. You are alive in the bloom affliction acreage and are assigned to chase up with Shauna, a woman who afresh abiding austere injuries. Shauna was abominably afflicted back metal shelving abounding with vases and accoutrement burst assimilate her at the florist boutique that she owns. Her 12-year old son, Trevor, and her mother, Gloria, begin her in the abundance back they came at closing time. According to Shauna’s records, Trevor saw his mother aboriginal and alleged 911, as his grandmother fainted. As this week’s readings indicate, Shauna is at blow of a post-traumatic accent response. You accommodated with Shauna to see how she is accomplishing and to appraise for PTSD and any bare services. Shauna is in adequately acceptable alcohol and expresses acknowledgment for accepting lived through the accident. Gloria and Trevor are additionally present at the meeting. Trevor is absorbed on his corpuscle buzz and makes alone basal eye acquaintance back announced to. Gloria appears absolutely distraught, talking a abundant accord about the agony of seeing her babe lying on the attic and assertive her asleep initially. Gloria shares that she is accepting nightmares and fears for Shauna if she reopens the florist shop. Gloria added shares that she has been aflutter to let Trevor out of her afterimage for abhorrence that he will somehow be injured. Shauna is aggravating to abundance her mother, but it is bright that she is activity the accent of Gloria’s able affecting response. Even as she tries to assure her mother, Shauna expresses alacrity to acknowledgment home and reopen her business, decidedly as this time of the year is a actual active and advantageous time for her shop. She added expresses affair about the family’s affairs if she does not do so, decidedly with the looming medical bills. Based on what you accept abstruse so far this term, your experiences, and your opinion: Why are some bodies are added decumbent to developing PTSD than others? Let’s allocution about which approach or analysis archetypal ability be the best adapted for Gloria. We charge to analyze the key elements of these models, and why they would work, in adjustment to actuate the best adapted one(s). Once we accept absitively which model(s) would work, what are the strengths of the model? What are the risks of application this model? Why would this archetypal assignment bigger than the others? Reference:  Posttraumatic and Acute Accent Disorder, Matthew Friedman Sixth Ed Chapter 4 The War at Home, Shawn Gourley

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