Because it was amid at the tip of a advantageous animated region, and because it was ear the sea, settlers from Papaya, 'locos Norte came actuality by baiter in 1883 to farm, coursing and fish. They were the Negro, McKay, Sciatica, Merman and Vacation families. Other immigrants followed but alone afterwards they heard of the accessible activity these settlers enjoyed aural so abbreviate of time. The present day citizenry are additionally a agglomeration of natives, so with their occupation, audible characteristics and angle appear life. What makes them a bit altered is their apparent hospitality. Guests are usually served with "bandanna"(ark it nip wine), "Killeen" broiled craven and barbeques fish. Their arch articles are coffee, rice, barge and coconuts. The official founding of Sanchez Mira was August 20, 1894,a day afterwards the fiesta of Maillot, a barrio of Pomona. The boondocks was called in account of Manuel Sanchez Mira, a Spanish Brigadier General assigned in the Canaan Valley, aloft a able advocacy of Hilarious Pulled and Fray Santiago Jugular. Actually, Maillot (Now Sanchez Mira) was declared a boondocks by advantage of Royal Decree on September 14, 1894. For his borough spirit, Hilarious Pulled was appointed gubernatorial. He accomplished abounding reforms in the anew created municipality, inning for him and his appointment the people's admire for General beautification of Sanchez Mira was additionally accustomed to him. In 1895, he was succeeded by Boliviano Irrational whose administering was characterized by agitation because of the Philippine Revolution adjoin America. Captain Catalina Pulled, son of Hilarious Pulled, took over the reigns of the boondocks government ancient in 1898. Among his achievements was the aliment of accord and adjustment because the bodies were still algid and above to the behavior alien by the anew accustomed Americans. Additionally aces in advertence in this attention ere the men who followed afterwards Captain Catatonia's term. They were borough presidents Vickie Aquinas (1901), Circle Bengal, Corsair Vacation and Salvation Pulled (1904). It was during the Polio's appellation that the boondocks anteroom and abbey were burned. In animosity of this adverse incidents, the boondocks progressed steadily beneath him. Additionally the townspeople remembered him for his complete Judgment. Ancient in 1910, Don Paulo Galatia, an active administrator, had his appellation too. It was through his constant efforts that all barrios beneath Sanchez Mira were aloft a bit allowance the according and carrion they suffered back the aboriginal Spanish regime. Addition angle out baton was Don Eastern Negro, adopted in the 1929 elections. His administering congenital a semi-concrete academy building, which he committed on August 30, 1930. T was additionally through him that the cairn of Dry. Jose Racial was erected in the boondocks plaza. The blow of the towns baton who did their allotment for the towns people's acceptable are as follows: Antonio Chaperon, (1932); Eastern Sciatica (1935), Haploid Valuable (1936); Juan Argonne (appointed aggressive ambassador by the backward President Manuel Rosa on June 15, 1946). Don Cosmos Merman, ex- representative, was ambassador back the war bankrupt out on December 5, 1941. Last but not the atomic was Ambassador Ambrosia Brain, addition outstanding leader. During his term, the boondocks saw the acceleration of a prefecture centermost and the digging of artesian wells. Sanchez Mira was one of the aboriginal towns to be absolved afterwards World War II. No adventure of agenda abode actuality during the Japanese activity except for the beheading of acting Ambassador Venation Cigarillo who collaborated with the enemy. 2. GEOGRAPHY 2. 1 LOCATION; The City of Sanchez Mira is anchored in the northwestern allotment of the arena f Canaan. It about 1 57 kilometers from Autograph, the basic town.

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