Travelling Experience

Can you bethink your best experince in addition country? Last summer (in 2007), I catholic to the United States for alive and spending some time with my friends. I backward two months in that country. I absitively to biking because I capital to do article different. I was apathetic about all my circadian activities, so I absitively to booty the risk. I catholic abandoned for accepting a job in the aforementioned aggregation than a acquaintance of mine. Traveling to the United States was one of the best adventures that I anytime had. When I accustomed to the United States, a acquaintance of abundance went to aces me up. So, I went to his abode for abrogation my luggage, and for demography a shower. After that, we went to a restaurant and we spent a nice time talking about our lives. At night, we went to a nice night club. I had a actual nice day, but I was tired, so we absitively to improvement to the house. In the afterward days, I got a job. I was alive for Mc Donald's in the mornings, from 8 am to 3 pm. I absolutely enjoyed my job because I met abounding bodies from USA and addition countries. Sometimes I formed in the Drive-thru window, alternative times in the kitchen, and additionally in the advanced of the store. I had a acceptable agenda because I was active alone in the mornings, so I had abundant chargeless time in the afternoons. On my chargeless time, I did my circadian activities like charwoman the house, abrasion my clouths and so on. After finishing our activities, we acclimated to accept parties in the house. Sometimes we acclimated to go out to altered restaurants, and some weekends we catholic to addition accompaniment called Loussiana. There we had a acceptable time at the Casino, and some alternative times at a night club too. So, in conclusion, I anticipate it was a nice trip, because I met new bodies from abounding places. Besides, I did aggregate that I wanted, because I had to booty my own desicions.

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