Trauma Case Study

Review the Agony Case Study for Maryam. Write a 750-1,000-word article answering the afterward questions. Your cardinal one ambition is to accomplish abiding she is safe. Provide adapted abutment for your answers by commendation the DSM. What are the key appraisal issues to consider? Do you anticipate this is a crisis situation? Why or why not? Explain. What is the client’s actual need? Be specific. What specific interventions do you feel are all-important with this client? What is the accessible analysis for this client? Provide admiring acumen for your diagnosis. Why? Is this applicant adversity a accent disorder? Define which one and the affection associated. How does the analysis of agony present in this case? Should Maryam’s ancestors be notified? Explain. Would you feel competent abundant to arrangement with this client? Why or why not? Should you seek added assets to advice with this case? Explain. Do you accept allocation or analysis issues to consider? Explain. Include a minimum of three bookish references in accession to the textbook. Prepare this arrangement according to the guidelines begin in the APA Style Guide, amid in the Apprentice Success Center. An abstruse is not required. This arrangement uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha the arrangement to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged completion.    Trauma Case Study Reason for Referral Maryam is a 17-year-old Caucasian changeable university apprentice who was referred to your bureau by her physician Dr. Jaffee. Maryam presented in her doctor’s arrangement accusatory of abridgement of sleep. Dr. Jaffee did not accord her medication as Maryam has appear bubbler three to four glasses of vodka and orange abstract per night to sleep. Dr. Jaffee’s address indicates the accommodating is sleeping 2-4 hours per night and generally awakens with nightmares. Blood tests were accustomed with the barring of hardly animated alarmist enzymes. Blood burden was 130/94. Accommodating was appointed for a aftereffect arrangement in 2 weeks. Behavioral Observations Maryam accustomed on time for her appointment. She was apprenticed to the arrangement by her university roommate. The applicant appeared anxious, had circles beneath her eyes, and was bawling during the intake. Maryam was aggressive to time, place, and person. Applicant cant was aloft average. Applicant appeared annoyed and blue apparent by low voice, bendable speech, and collapsed affect. Presenting Problem Maryam states “I can’t drive a car. I am too abashed that addition will hit me or I will hit addition else. I can’t beddy-bye so I don’t get up to go to chic in the morning.” Applicant states, “I am abashed to drive.” She goes on to state, “I fabricated such a abhorrent mistake; I don’t deserve to live. I am so stupid.” Client states that she was complex in a three car blow 2 months ago. Applicant letters one being was alarmingly afflicted and the alternative was advised and appear at the hospital. Applicant letters she accustomed a citation, as she angry in advanced of two advancing cars at a red light.  Support System Client letters that she lives in apprentice apartment on the campus of a bounded university. She has one acquaintance who brought her to today’s appointment.  Legal: Applicant is adverse acknowledged problems due to the accident. Family Support: Maryam’s ancestors lives out of state. She has no ancestors that alive locally.  

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