Translational Research Article Assignment

Determine an EBP accompanying issue/problem and advance a afire analytic catechism which is translational research-based. 

This charge chronicle to a analytic armpit of your choice

Complete the template. Use complete sentences and accord short/brief answers for anniversary element.

Total points: 260


This is a Word Document. USE this arrangement only.

Currency: the accommodation of the informationWhen was the advice arise or posted?Has the advice been revised or updated?Is the advice accepted or out-of-date?Are the links functional?

Relevance: the accent of the advice for your needsDoes the advice chronicle to your breadth of interest?Who is the advised audience?Is the advice akin appropriate? (Not too basal or advanced)Would you be adequate application this antecedent in a analysis paper?

Authority: the antecedent of the informationWho is the author/publisher/source/sponsor?What are the author’s accreditation or authoritative affiliations?What are the author’s abilities to abode on the topic?Is there acquaintance information, such as a administrator or email address?Does the URL (ex. .gov, .org, .com, etc) acknowledge annihilation about the columnist or source?

Accuracy: the reliability, truthfulness, and definiteness of the content.Is the advice accurate by evidence?Has the advice been advised or refereed?Can you verify any of the advice in addition source?Does the accent or accent assume aloof and chargeless of emotion?Is it chargeless of spelling, grammar, or alternative typographical errors?

Purpose: the acumen the advice existsWhat is the purpose of the information?Do the authors accomplish their intentions or purpose clear?Is the advice actuality or opinion?Does the point of appearance arise cold or impartial?Is it chargeless of political, ideological, cultural, religious or claimed biases? 

Problem recognition/statement (See Z&W Chapter 10 of 2nd Ed., p. 425)What is the afire catechism or convenance issue? What is the ambit of the problem /25
PICOT apparatus (see M&F Chapter 2)P (population)
I (Intervention, absolute variable)
C (comparison, ascendancy accumulation or accepted practice)
O (outcomes, absolute variable)(Outcomes charge be specific and measurable)
T (time or continuance of implementation) (What is the continuance of the study?)
Research Question: application the elements of the PICOT, abode the analysis question. Remember all of the PICOT elements charge chronicle to anniversary other.

References acclimated for this assignment: Use APA format. Charge use the commodity and at atomic one alternative reference.



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