Transforming Data Into Information

  Overview The Woodmill Aggregation makes windows and aperture trim products. The aboriginal footfall in the action is to rip ambit (2 × 8,2 × 10, etc.) barge into narrower pieces. Currently, the aggregation uses a chiral action in which an accomplished abettor bound looks at a lath and determines what rip widths to use. The accommodation is based on the knots and defects in the wood.  A aggregation in Oregon has developed an optical scanner that can be acclimated to actuate the rip widths. The scanner is programmed to admit defects and to actuate rip widths that will optimize the amount of the board. A analysis run of 100 boards was put through the scanner and the rip widths were identified. However, the boards were not absolutely ripped. A barge grader bent the consistent ethics for anniversary of the 100 boards, bold that the rips bent by the scanner had been made. Next, the aforementioned 100 boards were manually ripped application the accustomed process. The grader again bent the amount for anniversary lath afterwards the chiral rip action was completed. The consistent data, in the file, Woodmill Data, consists of chiral rip ethics and scanner rip ethics for anniversary of the 100 boards. Instructions You are a action administrator at the Woodmill Company tasked with determining if an optical scanner would be beneficial. Write a 4–5 page report to your supervisor (including a awning folio and a Source List page) in which you: Summarize the Woodmill Company’s problem of ripping ambit barge into narrower pieces.  Develop a abundance administration for the lath ethics for the scanner and the chiral process.   Generate adapted anecdotic statistics for both chiral and scanner values.  Analyze the abundance administration and anecdotic statistics for both manual and scanner processes. Use Excel to actualize your charts.  Actuate which action generates added ethics that were added than 2 accepted deviations from the beggarly (manual or scanner)

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