Training Program on Conflict Resolution

  Due to a contempo access in the cardinal of cases involving interpersonal and interdepartmental battle in your organization, HR has decided to advance a training affairs on battle resolution. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with speaker's addendum that is supported with aboveboard sources of analysis and includes anniversary of the elements listed below: Develop a able accelerate presentation with speaker's notes. Include a awning accelerate and a accelerate with references. Examine HR’s role in battle administration and resolution. Identify the action managers and advisers should chase to acquaintance HR for cases involving conflict. Evaluate three strategies HR will use to boldness issues involving conflict. Determine the accepted benefits/outcomes of accepting HR complex in absolute interpersonal and/or interdepartmental conflicts. Go to the Strayer University Online Library and locate at atomic three affection bookish assets in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and agnate websites do not affection as bookish resources. When complete, your training affairs should include: 10–12 slides, excluding the awning accelerate and references. Speaker's addendum for anniversary slide, answer your action and choices.

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