Training Intervention Virtual Roundtable Presentation

  Cultural Autobiography Case Abstraction and Training Action Virtual Roundtable Presentation: Acceptance will advance a case abstraction based on a time in their activity area they accomplished a microaggression(s) which he or she accept impacted their academic, career and/or social-emotional development.  The purpose of this appointment is to appoint in compassionate yourself as a advisor and cultural being. This is your story, therefore, may acquaint it as you see it. The Cultural Autobiography Case Abstraction and Training Action will abide of:     Submitting the Training Action Presentation in both Padlet and Blackboard for the cross-racial/religious admirers that exacted the microaggression(s) by amalgam counseling ethical codes and American Counseling Association Multicultural Counseling Competencies into the training.   Students will go to Padlet to analysis their aeon presentations and accompany a catechism to the ancillary affair on Blackboard Collaborate Meeting #6.   Students may use alternative technology (i.e.  Powerpoint, Prezi, claimed video, YouTube video clips, websites, resources, etc.) as able-bodied as actualize and authenticate an aspect of their able development action and/or workshop.  Students presentations minimum and best cardinal of slides ambit from 7 - 10 slides; application a 24+ point font.  Video clips anchored aural presentations charge be amid 2 - 5 account in duration.  The APA 6th copy advertisement appearance charge be acclimated for citations of any analysis and/or ability presented in the slides – citations acquaint aural slides charge be present on the advertence list.  The presentation should accommodate the following: One accelerate charge abide of your Cultural Autobiographical case study, across-the-board of:  Personal demographics (Dimensions of Claimed Identity) at the time of the microaggression(s) experienced. Identified microaggression(s) Type of microaggression(s) he or she believes was accomplished (microassaults, microinsults and/or microinvalidations) and; Perceived appulse on academic, career and/or social-emotional development that acceptance accept was affected. Cite pertinent analysis finding(s) from the annotated bibliography to abutment your case abstraction and training intervention.Discuss the training intervention’s ambition and objectives, three counseling ethical codes, training outcomes, and blazon of counseling Intervention(s) (individual, accumulation and/or accumulation guidance/psychoeducational).  Demonstrate an aspect of the training action training to the cultural autobiographical case abstraction across-the-board of how multicultural counseling competencies. Explain how your able development accomplishing and appraisal can enhance cultural adequacy of yourself and the person(s) who exacted the microaggression(s).

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