Trade Secret Theft Study

The purpose of this appointment is to actuate back business assets may aggregate bookish acreage (IP), to assay back an IP annexation has occurred and accessible remedies for IP theft, and to appraise the accent of attention and administration IP rights in a business setting.Read the afterward scenario. Futuretek sells high-tech computer chips and software to smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Futuretek maintains two software databases: one absolute Futuretek's chump account with nonpublic acquaintance admonition for key personnel, and the alternative absolute chump purchasing trends. The admonition in the two databases is accessible for advisers to appearance and use in affiliation with their job duties.Dana is a computer programmer for Futuretek. Dana affairs to run her own aggregation one day and architecture and advertise her own computer chips to smartphone companies. As an employee, she has admission to the two databases absolute Futuretek's key client and purchasing trends information.Dana decides to leave Futuretek and alpha her own computer dent business. Before she leaves, she makes a archetype of the two databases on a carriageable adamantine drive. Dana uses the admonition to acquaintance Futuretek's barter and action them cheaper, but comparable, computer chips bogus by Dana's new company, SmartChip.Futuretek becomes acquainted of Dana's accomplishments and asks you, the arch operations officer, for admonition and recommendations on what to do.In a 5- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® presentation, complete the following:Determine whether Dana has taken Futuretek's bookish acreage (IP), and if so, call the type(s) of IP that was taken.Explain any civilian accomplishments in abomination or bent accomplishments that may be brought adjoin Dana or SmartChip.Assume Futuretek sues SmartChip, and Futuretek wins the lawsuit. Recommend ethical behavior that SmartChip can put into abode to anticipate approaching acknowledged claims and action adjoin the company.Recommend accident administration procedures that Futuretek can apparatus to abstain or absolute this blazon of action from accident to the aggregation in the future.Cite a minimum of two references according to APA guidelines.

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