After account the U.S. Constitution and the Amendments acknowledge to the afterward questions: (i) What is the institutional ability and the claimed appropriate you accept to be the best important, and explain why; (ii) What is the institutional ability and the claimed appropriate you would remove, and explain why; (iii) What institutional ability and claimed appropriate would you add to the U.S. An institutional ability is one that authorizes or banned activity and/or alignment of one of the three branches of government. Examples accommodate the ability of the aldermanic annex "to lay and aggregate taxes" (Art. I) or to not "make no law apropos an enactment of religion." (First Amendment) A claimed appropriate is one that protects or empowers the people, such as "the appropriate of the bodies to accumulate and buck arms." (Second Amendment) Suggested breadth is 3-5 pages Your credibility will be allocated on the afterward criteria: Offering artistic and/or analytical opinions; Expressing yourself acutely and concisely; Forming analytic arguments and conclusions; Identifying and discussing counter-arguments; Grammar and acquiescence with APA (6th edition).

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