Tourism Project for San Juan

Project Proposal:Multidisciplinary Assay Programs Appear the Ability of Sustainable Integrated Tourism Development for the City of San Juan I. Proponent:University of Batangas through the Center for Research, Publications, and Addendum and the Batangas Ancestry Center II. Duration:January 2013 – June 2013 III. Implementing Agency :University of Batangas through its agencies and the City of San Juan, Batangas through the Office of the Mayor and the Borough Council IV. Funding Agency:Municipality of San Juan, Batangas V. Brief Description of the Project: San Juan, a aboriginal chic city and the additional bigger boondocks in the Province of Batangas, has been advised in its admirable history as the cradle of boldness and bravery. The cartography and adeptness of San Juan, now acclaimed both nationally and internationally accept animated the cachet of this city to rank it amidst the best adorable destinations in the Philippines. However, San Juan’s abeyant to arise to greater heights needs to be apparent through the abetment of an bookish academy who accept accurate to be able of accouterment the abutment to San Juan because of its assay adventures and capabilities. This is the acumen why the University of Batangas and the City of San Juan should assignment duke in duke so that a dream for abundance may be achieved. University of Batangas is an academy accepted not alone for its adeptness to aftermath affection graduates but additionally for its adequacy to appear up with multi-disciplinary assay that will be benign for the adorning projects of the City of San Juan. This adequacy of UB is accurate by the affection refereed assay cardboard that it produced accoutrement the altered disciplines from the sciences and mathematics, to abstract and amusing sciences. For the San Juan assay programs, UB will accomplish accessible its manpower assets through the UB Center for Research, Publications, and Addendum (CRPE) and the afterward will accomplish up the assay anatomy of UB for San Juan Projects: 1. Consultants for the Project: a. Dr. Abegayle Machelle Perez-Chua, UB Vice President for Bookish Affairs and Dean of the UB College of Allied Medical Sciences b. Atty. Jesus Victor Mayo, UB Vice President for Acceptance and External Affairs c. Dr. Florencio V. Reyes, UB Assistant Vice President for Academics, Research, and Accreditations . Clusters: a. Abstract (Philosophy, History, Culture, and the Arts), Amusing Science, and Teacher Education – to be headed by Dr. Lionel E. Buenaflor, whose assay inclinations are on history, philosophy, and the arts. This array will focus on the abstraction of the ceremonies, cultural texts, and another cultural actual forms, festivals and their significance, actual narratives, amusing organizations, arts and crafts for the purpose of announcement the character of the Batanguenos in accepted and of the bodies of San Juan, in particular. This array will be in allegation of the cultural and actual mapping and its advised achievement is to advance a ancestry bout on San Juan’s colonial church, affiliated houses, and actual sites. b. Anatomy and Natural Assets Administration – this array will be headed by Dr. Percival Arthur Timothy Showers, whose acreage of ability is on Marine Science, Oceanography and Anatomy Sciences. The array will focus on both the amphibian and the terrestrial, i. e. , on the aspects of anatomy that are cogent and accept abeyant for tourism activities. The researches on anatomy beneath this array are accepted to pave the way for chance tourism in San Juan because it will assay and authorize paths and boscage advance for trekking, swimming, boat-hiring, kayaking, as able-bodied as birds, bats, plants, and amphibian breed for photography, research, and sight-seeing. c. Socio-Economic Researches – This array will be in-charge of the socio-demographic profiling, the article breeze and bazaar patterns, as able-bodied as the socio-economic profiling and ability use patterns of San Juan. This array will be headed by Prof. Grace A. Perdiguerra (Ph. D. Candidate) who is a built-in of San Juan and whose ability additionally includes abstract and the arts. By allegory the socio-economic contour of the bodies of San Juan, the array will be amenable for creating activities and acclimation seminars and workshops for alimentation programs, arch to the development of tourism in the city of San Juan. d. Anatomy Sustainability – This array will be headed by Engr. Alma M. Kalaw (Ph. D. Candidate) whose acreage of ability is not alone Civil Engineering but additionally Anatomy Engineering. This array will focus its abstraction on cooler water, decay water, solid wastes, alley arrangement availability, as able-bodied as on ammunition sources. e. Tourism Development and Sustainability – This array will be headed by Prof. Jane Katrine Atienza (MA Candidate) whose ability is on Tourism Industry. This array will accord on the adeptness of San Juan to accommodate tourism casework present in the area. It is the albatross of this array to alike with another clusters in adjustment to architecture the blazon of tourism that can be applicative in the altered areas of San Juan. The casework that it will accommodate for San Juan will accommodate the assay of amenities and facilities, carriage and access, energy, baptize and decay management, as able-bodied as on the advance and business of the accomplished of City of San Juan as a day-tripper destination. The abeyant of San Juan as a tourism destination will be adjourned through authoritative interviews, association appointment and the bio-physical appraisal from the above-mentioned clusters above. f. Business Training and Development – This array will focus on acclimation seminars and workshops for the bodies of the City of San Juan in adjustment to accomplish the SanJuenos adorable for tourism activities and another ambitious endeavors. This array will be headed by Prof. Francia Yvette Magpantay, MA, the arch of the HRM Department in the College of Tourism and Hospitality Administration in UB. This array has the aim of developing trainings for comestible arts and abstruse competencies for auberge and resort managements. g. Human Ability Administration ??? - This array will be headed by Dr. Catalino Mendoza. (please continue) This affairs of researches involving altered clusters underscores the assumption that tourism should be perceived as a supplementary, and not as an another antecedent of income—an bread-and-butter action added to the amusing functions of the association as ability users and managers. It is accepted that the achievement of the researches on the altered areas will advance to addendum programs that will abode the abiding issues on anatomy canning and conservation, livelihood, adolescence rehabilitation programs, class and educational programs advised for institutions like Day Care Centers, churches, and institutions that are amenable for adeptness and arts preservation. It is the aim of this assay affairs to anxiously assay the present abilities and ability of the bodies of San Juan so as to appraise the call to cede trainings in adjustment to empower the bounded association to administer their own tourism and to actualize methods for anatomy protection. The activity “Multidisciplinary Assay Programs Appear the Ability of Sustainable Integrated Tourism Development for the City of San Juan” is developed in adjustment to accommodate abstruse abutment for San Juan appear the ability of the afterward objectives: . To appear up with a promotional attack plan for the City of San Juan about to the alignment of tourism programs (which includes agri-tourism, ancestry tourism, community-based tourism, chance tourism, eco-tourism, and aquaculture tourism). This promotional attack plan will be based from the cultural, historical, and earthbound mapping of the City of San Juan in adjustment to assay places area activities for tourism programs will be conducted. In accession to this, the promotional attack plan will pave the way for the conception of a Borough Building and a Cultural Center area the adeptness of San Juan will be showcased and promoted. This is afresh through the abstruse abutment that UB will be accouterment to the bodies of San Juan. 2. To accommodate San Juan with alimentation and abundance workshops, trainings, and seminars. UB-CRPE is set to tap the altered colleges and departments of University of Batangas in adjustment to adapt alimentation trainings, seminars accompanying to bloom awareness, and ambitious workshops in adjustment to adviser the bodies appear the accomplishment of a bigger and added appropriate life. 3. To adapt anatomy acquaintance and aegis programs. San Juan has been able by God with a abounding acreage and a composed anatomy that is aces of actuality preserved and developed. In this regard, UB CRPE’s assay acquaintance accompanying to the ecosystem, as able-bodied as its linkages to agencies and NGO’s will be aces abundant to abetment the City of San Juan to appear up with programs for the aegis and advance of San Juan’s ecosystem. It is the ambition of UB to adapt in San Juan an Anatomy Society, which will be comprised of the SanJueno teachers, borough workers, and another anatomy enthusiast, whose job is to bear breed of San Juan’s flora and fauna as able-bodied as to assure ambiance and advertise advice on anatomy protection. UB will additionally acquaint to San Juan the Dark Green Activity advised to the altered accessible and clandestine schools for the acceptance to advance acknowledgment and initiatives on anatomy protection. 4. To accomplish affairs for assay trainings for borough workers and agents of both clandestine and accessible schools in San Juan. Aside from the San Juan Anatomy Society that UB intends to adapt for the bodies of San Juan, it additionally has the ambition of establishing a Actual Society, whose associates are the SanJueno writers and historians and whose job is to conduct studies and researches on the history, culture, and the arts of San Juan. This is for the purpose of developing amid the bodies of San Juan a abundant pride in their cultural heritage. Accepted Achievement For this activity proposal, the afterward will be the accepted achievement based on the accustomed objectives. I. Promotional Attack Plan for the City of San Juan 1. Assets Mapping a. Cultural Mapping b. Natural Assets Mapping c. Actual Mapping i. Built Ancestry ii. Intangible Ancestry 2. Alignment of tourism programs a. Ecotourism b. Bloom and wellness tourism c. Heritage tourism d. Chance tourism e. Agri-tourism f. Community-based tourism 3. Establishment of borough building and San Juan Cultural Center 4. Affairs for development of promotional materials/collateral (brochures, maps, etc) 5. Training / branch on conduct of day-tripper statistics 6. Linkage activity with ABS-CBN for Travel Magazine Show and Publications 7. Abstruse abetment on acclimation contest for advance of San Juan and its tourism industry II. Alimentation and Abundance workshops . TESDA Competency Abilities Trainings i. Food and Beverage Casework ii. Commercial Cooking iii. Front Office Service iv. Housekeeping Casework v. Bout Guiding Casework vi. Bartending b. ETEEAP Short-term Courses c. Branch on developing bout bales d. Comestible Entrepreneurship e. Short appellation advance on Creative Writing, Performing Arts & Visual Arts f. Cultural Entrepreneurship Advance III. Anatomy Acquaintance and Aegis Programs a. Mangrove Rehabilitation b. Dark Green Activity c. Lnd Surveying, armpit Development, Ground Baptize Assets Appraisal d. Mapping of Flora and Fauna IV. Assay Trainings a. Alignment of San Juan Actual Society i. Publications of Bounded Book ii. Publication of Coffee Table books and Cookbook of San Juan foods and beverages b. Alignment of San Juan Anatomy Society c. Alignment of Barangay Cooperatives d. Writing and Publication of Travel Adviser Book Class Vitae of the UB Researchers Educational accomplishments Seminars and trainings Professional Linkages

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