Tourism Planning and Development

Tourism Planning and Development Submitted to: Proof. Anne Moral Submitted by: H08308 Calamari, Gerald Paulo Cristal, Gladys Manual, Mary Joy Mendocino, Rockwell Raymond, Nadine Recomposes,Jean Izard Why. The acclaimed Santiago Cove, accepted for Its annular appearance at Savannas, the Old Spanish alarm Is acceptable abeyant for tourism development. Santiago has bright and albino beaches that tourists love. The abbey is additionally one of the oldest Spanish barrio in the north, which was congenital during the Spanish occupation. It is forth the civic artery aloof south of the borough architecture and could be calmly apparent by tourists and passersby. " Source: http://www. Santiago. Gob. PH/- "Santiago Is a admirable town. It has amazing spots that if appropriately developed, could accomplish the admired atom for tourist. Stats. Maria Church, Locos Sure Historical Sites A World Heritage Site and a Civic Landmark, this centuries-old abbey nestled aloft a acropolis at the boondocks able of Stats. Maria was acclimated as a breastwork during the 1896 Revolution. Santiago Cove, Locos Sure Natural Attractions It is acclaimed of Its beach, alleged Savannas Cove. It Is the "Portray of the North". Pineal Falls, Locos Sure Natural Attractions A admired ambience for abounding bounded films, Plains Falls appearance Angel's footprint, the allegorical Allocation giant. Makes anybody of us anticipate that this is the abode we accept been attractive for. This abode has clear sceneries that can accomplish anybody abatement in adulation with its audible beauty. The greenest trees, the bluest water, and the history abaft it are Aloof calmly breathtaking. "

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