Topical Issues

Abortion “Unsafe abortions annihilate 200 women a day according to IPAS, a non-governmental organisation based in the US. IPAS claims that abundant added needs to be done to accomplish aborticide safe and accessible”. * The Bible teaches that animal activity is altered from alternative types of life, because animal beings are fabricated in the actual angel of God. * The Bible teaches that accouchement are a blessing. * The Bible teaches that the adolescent in the abyss is absolutely a animal child, who alike has a accord with the Lord. * Scripture again condemns the killing of the innocent. * The Bible teaches that God is a God of justice. Scripture teaches bodies to love. * Activity is arrive over death. My censor tells me aborticide is amiss because * All activity is sacred-all activity on Earth was created by absolute God above, and it is therefore about amiss to bankrupt an approaching child. * No one except God can booty abroad life- all activity on Earth was created by absolute God aloft and so it follows that alone He can booty it away. No one accept this right. * Aborticide is an anagram of adamant boat- I pointing out that aborticide is an anagram of Adamant baiter because, like abortions, adamant boats are bad! They bore beeline to the bottom, killing anybody on board. Exactly like what bootless mothers do. Roman Catholic and protestant both accept aforementioned belief. This is what they believe- * Activity begins at apperception – the foetus is a animal actuality with animal rights. * All Bible teaching on animal activity additionally activated to the foetus- abnormally the bidding “Thou shall not kill”. * If a mother can’t abutment her babyish again it should be adopted. * Activity is angelic because it is accustomed by God. * They declared aborticide as a abundant evil.

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