Topic Name: Why I write

Note: This affair is about bookish writing/writing for bookish publications   Topic Name: Why I write        important Criteria:   1- Coherence   2- Response to the catechism posed: Why   Write?   3- APA Architecture & Polish ( be abiding to chase the bookish autograph guidelines as defined in the 7th copy of the Advertisement Manual of the American Psychological Association.  ) 4- Include the the references in a abstracted folio (APA format)  5- address from 1-2 pages alone after the advertence folio ( you can address 1 and a bisected pages) what to address about:  discuss why you are absorbed in autograph for advertisement course.  you could reflect on aspects of your able accomplishments and how autograph for advertisement aligns with and/or is a accustomed progression in your able work.  You could altercate your absorption in research( cartage engineering) , your specific areas of analysis interest, and possibly alike outline a basic analysis abstraction that you achievement to complete. Another abstraction is to focus on some.   

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